Eczema and its treatment

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Eczema is a very common skin disease. If you are suffering from eczema your skin will feel constant irritation. With time to time it will get swollen and itchy. The disease gets aggravated with itching. Commonly there are few types of eczema, namely, the atopic dermatitis, hand dermatitis, nummular dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. Even the diaper rash in babies and rash due to poison ivy are also types of eczema. It is a continuous skin problem that provokes dryness and frequent skin rashes.

Medication for Eczema : Eczema can occur at any part of the body, based on its location, the problem is classified as hand eczema, eczema craquele and reason of eczema as in the case of varicose eczema. According to the medical science, research has helped in identifying the type of eczema and with the apt medicine such skin problem may be controlled properly. But the apt cure for eczema is not known or eczema is incurable, it can be only moderated or controlled by medication.

Now, here we are discussing few steps of controlling the skin problem of eczema.

  • Keep the eczema affected skin hydrated. The skin has a tendency to dry quickly, hence take frequent baths and use body lotions to keep the skin soft and supple. Do not allow it to dry.
  • Apply small amount the eczema treatment ointments, like common moisturizer for maintaining soft skin.
  • Apply steroid creams to control flare up and itchy condition.
  • Immune modulators can be used for controlling the inflammation.
  • Bath for 15 to 20 minutes, this will help in reducing the dryness of the skin and help controlling the skin irritation. Do not scrub while using soap. Just use a soft cotton towel and pat softly, then apply moisturizing cream to reduce the dryness of the skin.
  • Some doctors also apply ultraviolet rays to cure eczema problem.

Steroid Creams for Eczema Treatment

In extreme conditions when the regular moisturizer and eczema cream fails to control the swollen or the irritation of the skin, you may opt for steroid cream treatment. Apply steroid cream just after your bath. But do not apply it all by yourself. Consult a doctor, and as per his advice, apply the steroid cream at regular interval. Avoid applying it on face and diaper area, it may prove harmful in such delicate parts of the body. Use steroid cream regularly to cure eczema quickly.

When you are suffering from itchy eczema:

  • In such a case, do not scratch your skin vigorously. Avoid scratching, or else you will face severe problem. Consult a doctor and take his help in controlling dry itchy problem.
  • Apply damp dressing for quick relief.
  • Apply some Benadryl this will help in controlling the irritation.

If you wish to treat the eczema naturally:

  • Apply light mud pack on the affected skin this provides relief from the pain.
  • Apply coconut oil to make your skin soft and supple. Coconut oil helps in reducing inflammation. It helps in healing the skin tissues.
  • Use probiotics to cure your eczema naturally.
  • Apply mashed papaya seeds on the eczema parts of the skin.
  • Glycerin has also proved helpful in treating eczema naturally.

Can Homeopathy help in eczema?

Homeopathy has proved helpful in curing eczema. In severe cases patients often opt for homeopathy assistance and they have worked wonders in controlling and sometimes in curing eczema. Though the scope is very limited in homeopathy, and there is only a few medicines to help in eczema, yet if identified and applied correctly they show good result in eczema.

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