Emotions of women and its detailed discussion

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Most women are emotional. Their strong emotional nature can hardly be changed or modified. In most cases men act strange when they come across emotional women and often try to modify their women. Men needs simple ways to explain themselves but women demands detail explanation of themselves. But ironically things never changes, the woman lives the way she is comfortable with and in short she can never be changed. There are so many changes that one should respect each other without trying to change the nature of women.

Let’s now discuss why women are very emotional, expressive and talkative

The Left and the Right Brain

God has created men and women differently, and hence their brain and its functions are also different from each other. Women commonly use the left and the right side of their brain and men uses the left side majorly. The left side helps in logical reasoning and problem solving skills, and the right side helps in performing prosodic language functions, creativity, facial perception, and for generating emotions. Therefore it can be said, that the left side of the brain is responsible for our IQ and the right side is responsible for our EQ. Thus, as men use the left side of the brain prominently, they are more efficient in dealing with situations by applying logical reasoning, and rationality. But women uses both sides of their brain and therefore deal with problems and issues with creativity and are often more concerned about the feelings associated with it. Apart from these the right side of the brain also helps us in expressing our feelings, thoughts, and language grasping. All these inborn qualities help women to learn new languages and also make them creative.

Women are better at Expressing their emotions

With the help of prominent limbic system, women can express their feeling clearly. This limbic system helps in proper behavior, emotions and memory. But this limbic system causes depression at the times of hormonal changes during menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Hence most women are seriously emotional or moody during this phase.

Handling the Stress

Women deal with their stress in a very different manner than men of the same age. The hormone Oxytocin is released when one is in stress. These hormones work differently in the body of men and women. When men are in stress, the testosterone in them reduces the effect of oxytocin, this effect makes the aggressive and angry. But women releases estrogen in stress which enhances the oxytocin hormone, this combination of hormonal secretion makes the women very calm and nurturing while in absolute stress. Men cannot express their feeling and emotions properly. They often react angrily or aggressively while expressing their feelings. Men can hardly talk about a situation and solve a problem, they have a tendency to pick up fight at any given issue. Women on the other end, tend to deal with stress using the ‘Tend to befriend’ strategy. In this, women when in stress tend to talk it out or discuss it with others and feel better once they have expressed themselves.

Women Feel More Pain

Amygdala is also a part of the limbic system which gets activated in pain, but deals more with emotions related to pain. This is present in both men and women but it affects both of them differently. Women feel more pain than men and are also more vocal about the pain.

Men and Women are Different

Women’s body experiences many changes, and especially during pregnancy, hence they often express themselves in very different manner. They become more emotional while expressing their pain or stress but men hardly suffers such changes and they do not go through such intense emotional changes. Hence they don’t get emotionally moved easily. That’s the way they are created. Hence, from a man’s point of view, women appear to be more emotional.

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