Facebook recent profile viewers tracking

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The most widely used networking site is facebook. But the inevitable question pops up in the mind. That is, who all are visiting my page and checking out post and reading my profile. Just as the Orkut tells us who all the recent visitors were, is there any way that you can identify who all visited your page. The answer is yes; you can identify the recent visitors and can track them who all are deleting information from your page. Though you can track who is checking your profile, but unfortunately this is not permitted by the law. To protect against the violation policy you cannot legally permitted to check the disturbing user of your page.

If you try taking the help of the official help page of the facebook, it instantly turns you down, saying that it is not possible to track who all have visited your page. So if any application is claiming or is helping you with this problem, it’s definitely breaking facebook’s TOS. Therefore, think twice before taking help from such illegal applications.

Now let us understand how and in what ways one can track the unwanted visitors or can stop the regular visit of this unwanted people.
What the team Facebook says about this problem?
1. How can find out my recent viewers or in what ways can I understand how often my profile was visited? It doesn’t display the visitors name like the orkut. Orkut has a display board, which shows who all visited your profile recently and tried scrapping on it. But in Facebook, theres no such window and no information is given about the profile checker.

The Facebook officially does not help you with the tracking facility. You cannot identify who all visited your profile or checked your photos till what extent. But, though officially facebook does not allow, there are applications supplied by several individual developers, who can help you with this functionality. These applications help you breaking the legal policy and check the report as desired.
2. Can someone else know when I view their pages?

At present Facebook does not have such application to help its user’s to identify such profile visitors. Individual developers may help you solving these issues. They have program application that helps in tracking such users. But do keep a few things in mind for these applications:

Such applications can never identify the profile visitors who have simply browsed the profiles. This is technically impossible in Facebook.

In order to be trailed by an application, you should specifically agree to allow the application to detect all your actions.
Thus adding an application that can supply such assistance is completely optional. If you do not wish to add such applications in your profile, just ignore it.

Thus the above mentioned essential points have cleared most of the points in your mind.

We can conclude by saying that though officially Facebook does not allow any illegal profile user tracking. But third part developers have started claiming that they have made impossible possible. When we look in to detail, we find that Facebook website has made it technically impossible to undertake such tracking job. Hence however some one may claim about tracking the user, doubt remains in our mind. Hopefully this article will give you a detailed idea of what all in possible with original facebook applications and how others fake with their little knowledge. Thus facebook is an open social networking site, which allows millions to chat with their friends and give them scope to develop their PR skills. Although it offers such assistance in network building, it does not help in tracking the unwanted visits to your profile.

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