Flirting language of a woman

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Flirting can be great fun despite of one being single or committed in a relationship. There is a time when one cannot resist but flirt. Some hints are discussed in this article which will help one to read the signs of a woman, if she is interested in the guy. When a woman flirts she will always play with her hands and hair. If you stare at her, she will be busy chatting. A woman shows off more when it is known that someone is staring at her. If interested, she will respond using her hand.

Her eyes will show her expression. If a girl is interested she will look back at you. Eye contact is clear indication which shows that the girl is flirting. Turning her head and playing with hair are two more indications to show that she is trying to grab your attention. In general when a woman flirts, she smiles and looks at you. Her lips can be used in a number of ways. She can show her interest by smiling or by making sensual spots. If a woman sits with her legs crossed and swings them, it indicates that she is attracted and as soon as you reach her the flirting will end. Changing her position also indicate that she is flirting.

These are some of the changes that can be seen in the body language of a woman if she is interested or is flirting with you. A guy can look for these signs in a girl and if the situation matches, the guy can hit on her and be sure that she is interested in him. These tips can be helpful for a guy who is trying to understand the feelings of a girl.

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