Foods that help to reduce body heat

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The normal temperature of the human body is around 98.6 degrees. It keeps on varying slightly due to certain unavoidable changes. The temperature of the body is maintained even during change of weather conditions. The rise and fall of the temperature of the body can cause serious problems and hence, the temperature of the body must be maintained very cautiously. The maintenance of the heat of the body is a very common problem that is seen among individuals. The heat of the body is termed as heat stress. The body cannot cool all by itself and hence this causes heaps of troubles. Cramps due to heat, damage of internal organs, rashes, pimples, nausea and even dizziness might occur as a result of body heat. This is caused if a person is exposed too much in hot weather or takes food that produces heat in the body.

Drinking water is the best way to keep our bodies cool and hydrated, especially during the summer months. However there are certain typical food that help to keep our bodies cool. Here are a few of them:

· Watermelon: this fruit is rich in water. it is extremely effective in reducing heat of the body. Since it has a high water content, it keeps the body cool as well as hydrated.

· Honeydew Melon: One should add this fruit to the diet. It too helps in reducing the heat that is produced inside the body. It helps to cool the heat especially in the summer months.

· Cucumber: this is very common summer food item that has a very high content of water. It is extremely good in producing a cooling effect for the bodies. One should eat cucumbers each and every day that becomes a natural way to reduce body heat.

· Mint: this is a remedy that is available in every house. Mint adds on to the cooling effect of the body. Its juice is also very effective in reducing heat.

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