Free screen recording software for Windows

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Screenshots can be used in many conditions such as receiving help on a forum, generating a manual etc. Screen recording software is an equipment to capture what is observed on the screen and to save them as images. This is of much help to the web designers and the ones who want to capture important details on screen. There are many screen capture applications and here are mentioned the best 5 free screen recording software for Windows.

Cam Studio is a tool of Open Source which allows one to record all the screen and audio activity on the computer. This free recorder has a very easy to use interface and takes just a few minutes to understand the software. It can be used to make screencast, video tutorials and demonstration videos. These videos can be saved in an AVI file and can create bandwith friendly SWF files.

BB FlashBack Express is a free screen recording program which captures the screen of the computer, webcam video and sound. It supports capturing animations and 3D graphics. It gives the ability to upload videos in the YouTube and saves the files as AVI’s, FLV’s or SWF’s. Features that are available in this version are selecting the screen area, output format, recording sound, highlighting cursor, playback control and easy sharing.

Jing is developed officially developed by TechSmith. This software is designed to run on Mac and Windows. One can record audio commentary, screen activity. After a movie is set, one can select to upload it to screencast with just a click and a URL will be obtained for the video which can be shared with friends and if not interested to share it can be saved to the disk. It is suitable for daily use.

uTipu TipCam is a free software which allows the users to directly upload the videos to the website uTipu. It is a straightforward tool used to record audio and video from one’s desktop. One has to register in the website so as to use it. In it one can record the full or a particular part. Options of screen recording allow one to pause the recordings and also have annotation controls which allow one for drawing. It is of much help as it can record up to 20 minutes long.

ScreenToaster makes a good quality screencast video. Download is not required here as everything is online. One has to register first with ScreenToaster and then can login to one’s account. It supports both full screen recording and selection recording.

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