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Love is sweet and charming to feel. It renews life and it also ads gloss to one’s personality. However, marriage is the concrete platform to give a shape to the romantic fantasy. It turns the dreamy enchantment to a more realistic relationship which is more powerful and reliable.

Marriage is the heavenly bliss and it also reinforces the romance to sweeten up personal life. Maybe, next daylight will be more glamorous and packed with full of joy and expectation as because of the advent of new sunlight which brings back hope to even a physically challenged person to survive in the turmoil.

So far so good that Gautam Gambhir, the famous cricketer in the world has understood the basics of love. This complete man is energetic, brave and elegant to welcome bright days to come. His romantic tour has been given a new dynamic romantic emulsification when he has thrown his hands to hug his sweetheart, Natasha Jain. Colorful snapshots of intimate close-ups between two young hearts have been caught in cam recorders. In Gurgaon, the marriage ceremony was celebrated on Friday last with pomp and grandeur.

Silvery night became more charismatic as Natasha appeared more elegant and attractive. Her bridal dresses are bright in color. Sweet fragrance of red roses, ultra-light breeze, and soft beam of moonlight produced a synergistic impact on both celebrities.

They were welcomed by family members, close relatives and friends. Natasha is a cute lady. Her physical aesthete is invincible. Her majestic beauty has enticed this renowned cricketer who won trillion hearts by showing his razor sharp sportive skill to win matches. On Friday last, the crescent moon popped up in the sky. It emits soft silvery crimson color to rim streets, lanes and large buildings. In the powerful psychedelic light, every thing seemed to be radiant in gorgeous color. To be frank, Natasha’s appearance in this romantic episode was traced by brilliance. Friday’s night was specially gifted to these young hearts for enjoying in the streams of love and appreciation.

Let your heart be filled with joy. If you are a young boy, you need to hope for better outcome as Natasha has got a rare chance to lock her life with a smart guy who has held the nation in high stature. Let each daylight bring some new hopes to revitalize the injured heart. Let every sunny day warms up the dead souls to get back energy to create new things which will be more charismatic and beautiful. Gambhir and Natasha are really lucky to win something special to rejuvenate their own lives in more dynamic way.

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