Google Dart – Class-based programming language to make web application

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Google, as one of the most enterprising solutions to the intricacies of World Wide Web, has its realm extended in the spheres of social networking, management of travels and systems based on Smartphone operations. Its role as one of the premiere search engines is far reaching and exemplary.

Besides its awe inspiring hold over the mentioned areas; Google- as one of the leading net based services is well on its way towards a newly set target. As part of its forthcoming projects of innovations; the brand is likely to curve its niche in the realm of web development. To that effect, it is well on its spree to developing a new series of programming language. The language it seeks to develop will be the base of its manifold web centric applications.

Known by the name of ‘DART’- the language will help generate user friendly and methodical applications. The applications so developed will focus on the hallmarks of efficiency and accessibility. The programming language with its intrinsic classifications will be marked by an easy familiarity. According to the leading search engine; known aspects of syntactical format and those of sentence construction are all set to characterize the formatting language. Other than having a user friendly base and that of construction; DART’s concept of classifications is like to be advantageous.

There will be classes chalked out for different numbers and ranges of applications. Likewise, the language with its classes will have key features defined for a specific range of application. Consequently, the varying applications and their functionality can be guided by class specific programming language. Besides having a guiding mechanism, the language will make for the specified codification of data. Typing option happens to be another of its user friendly advantages. In keeping with the user’s choice, it is possible to change over from un- typed arrangement to that which follows a methodical arrangement. By means of DART; programmer is also facilitated into having libraries.

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