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Google has done an in-depth search for its own company, and decided to shut down all those products which had not done quite well. Even though the Google search engine is used every single day at the drop of a hat, and gmail accounts are owned by every other person, their social networking site, Buzz, has not done so well. In fact it comes second on the list which Google made to include all those products which would be shut down soon.

Ahead of Google Buzz is Code search. Following these two products are Jaiku, the social features of iGoogle and University Research Program for Google Search.

Google Buzz had been launched in order to compete with social networking sites like facebook and twitter. However, it failed to draw the attention of those of us who are deeply into facebook. In fact there are some people who are simply addicted to the social networking sites.

Google Buzz would be shut down, for its successor, Google plus has had gained more popularity. Therefore, while Google plus continues to run, Google Buzz is going to get shut down. It seems the last date for these changes to come into action is the 15th of January 2012.

Code Search had been made keeping in mind the need for developers to search for open source code in the web. However, like Google Buzz, it too had failed to find its real need.

Jaiku, the other social networking site that had been acquired by Google is going to get shut down come 15th of January 2012. To those of you who had loved being on Google Buzz, that’s too bad. Maybe you should shift to Google plus or otherwise, come back again to facebook or twitter.

Google search engine continues to run as strongly as ever. In fact, there were emails circulated asking people to use the Blackle search engine, which would save more energy!

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