GREEN OR BLACK – Which Tea Would It Be?

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages of the world, and our most favorite drink right after water. Even though the west prefers coffee to tea, tea is less harmful land contains a smaller dose of caffeine. Tea is mainly grown in China, Japan and India. However since the tea has been imported and cultivated, it is also found in Brazil, Argentina and in the tropical and subtropical places of this world. But the question arises, that there are more than one type of tea (green tea, red tea, black tea, white tea etc) but how do we tell one from another? Especially the green tea and black tea?

The green tea has more medicinal properties, since is obtained by steaming them (Japanese method) or by frying them in a pan without oil (Chinese method). In the latter process, in order to avoid oxidization, the tea is processed in no less than two days after being picked up. Contrary to this method is the black tea, which is obtained by the process of oxidization, before being dried up. After that the leaves are sorted.

Even though both green tea and black tea are used for medical purposes, it is the former that yields far better results. The extremely delicate taste of the green tea too makes it very much appreciated.

It is the amount of caffeine that is the main difference between the green tea and the black tea. While the black tea has the highest caffeine content, the green has quite a low one. This makes the green tea, a much more satisfactory remedy for certain illnesses. For example, green tea is said to be a very good medicine for the cancer patients, for it restores their health to an almost miraculous degree.

Since black tea indeed does more harm than good, it is safer to consult a doctor before consuming it. In fact, you would be well-advised to ask your doctor what sort of tea you ought to drink. Then it would be clear, whether it should be green or black.

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