Harbhajan Lambasted Mallya’s UB Spirits for Encouraging Injustice

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The society is reeling under infighting, violence, injustice and confrontation. Racial segregation is another social folly which eats into the society. This is palpable in the sports world as well.

Recently, Harbhajan, the eminent cricketer, has filed suits against UB Spirits operated by Vijay Mallya. The reason of registering complaints is the display of advertisement clip. In the advertisement, it is shown that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is found making grimaces at Harbhajan. This type of mocking in public has lowered down the prestige and status of this renowned cricketer.

Complaint against Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been registered in the court through legal machinery. The fact is that Dhoni’s behavior is not good and this UB Spirits organization is not doing the right thing as per the statement issued by the family members of Harbhajan.

Harbhajan has told reporters and media associates that this is very sad thing that someone has dampened his professional career. He is suffering from frustration and mental trauma. However, he has gathered strength to fight against injustice.

On the other hand, there is no information about the accused. Dhoni has made no comments so far. He is tight-lipped on this hot issue. Everyone is waiting for the final result of this legal battle.

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