Healthy Properties of Clove

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Clove is a very popular spice that is added to increase the aroma of the dishes. Clove is a flower which is not opened properly and then dried to give rise to a great aromatic spice. Apart from being an aromatic substance for the food the spice also has various healthy advantages. In Ayurveda, a medical science, it has been found that clove has several properties of healing. Generally people can chew a piece of clove daily to relive themselves of cough, cold or throat irritation. Certain common properties of clove are that it helps to cure cold, acts as a mouth freshener without any side effects, helps to relive a person from nausea, helps to cure ulcers in the mouth, helps to treat ailments like diarrhea, cures tooth and gum problems, maintains the level of cholesterol in a person’s blood and increases the circulation of blood in a person’s body. Other medical advantages of clove are as follows:

Acts as a great antiseptic

Clove paste is many a times applied on the skin to cure minor cuts and burns. Sore skins are also cures from this paste. Researches in Ayurveda have seen that clove has certain anti fungal and germicidal properties that help to kill bacteria.

Cure from Arthritis

People suffering from arthritic pain can relive themselves of severe discomfort by chewing a piece of clove every day. The patient can also apply a clove paste on the affected areas to cure the pain. This natural treatment to relieve pain has been used since ages and is a great natural way.

Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Clove falls under an aphrodisiac food group. It helps to increase the sensual mood of any person. This proves useful a lot of times.

Thus, apart from being an ordinary spice, clove has many good values to help a person any time.

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