Healthy properties of Yeast

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Many people have the wrong assumption that yeast is a kind of infection. However, many of us will be surprised to know the fact that yeast has a lot more in it than just being an infection. Yeast has been found to contain a very good content of proteins and vitamins and hence it is able to supplement with the nutritional requirements for our bodies. The fact behind popcorns having a cheesy outer layer, which has good nutritional value, is actually due to the yeast flakes that are added to the popcorns while they are being prepared. This imparts the unique taste while we have the popcorn.

Yeast is widely used in the preparation of bread, cookies and cakes. Many of the wine as well as beer that we see today also contain yeast. Yeast has several benefits on the human body. Some of them are:

  • The chromium present in yeast is known to have traces of Glucose Tolerance Factor or GTF. This is extremely useful for the patients who have diabetes. The GTF helps to control the level of blood sugar in their bodies. People having high or low pressure levels can also have yeast daily to bring them back to normalcy.
  • Consumption of yeast helps in the control of body weight. Everybody in today’s world is conscious about their weight. Having yeast helps in the correct rate of metabolism in their bodies. Yeast also contains a high content of B12 which helps in regulating stress levels in a person.
  • Yeast also helps to fight against skin and hair problems. They help in stimulating the DNA and repair skins from acnes and pimples. Moreover it also contains Vitamin B which helps in fighting against hair loss, itchy scalp and breakage.

Yeast also keeps our internal organs like our liver healthy. They improve the digestive system and also regulate the blood circulation.

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