How do Microwaves effect food?

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Microwave is the commonest of equipments that are found in all households. They are mainly used to heat food. The kitchen remains incomplete without the presence of the microwave. In many homes microwaves are used to cook food as well. This saves time and also helps to cook food in a smoke free atmosphere. With the advent of newer microwaves people are becoming more dependent on it than usual as it is probably the easiest way to cook food. However, we should all know that a microwave is not all good as it seems to us. It might cause several health disadvantages that are unknown to us. Let us see some of the effects that microwave have.

  • A microwave kills all the anti oxidants that are present in our food. It cuts off the antioxidants that prevents causing cancer. It also builds up the amount of carcinogens in our food.
  • One should never heat milk that are fed to babies in a microwave, this is because to damages the immunity system of the baby that is caused by breast milk. Hence, even doctor’s advice heating the milk in a gas oven rather than microwaves.
  • When we heat frozen food in the microwave, it creates free radicals in it that contain toxins. Exposing such frozen food to the microwave can be very harmful.
  • A study has shown that cooking food in microwaves cause the proteins in the food to denature. Normal cooking does not see this problem.
  • Microwave cooking also causes the depletion of the nutrients in the food faster than normal cooking. The benefits of food brought about by nutrients are destroyed by cooking in microwaves.
  • The radiation that is exposed to the food effects the heart of a person adversely.

Hence, we see that too much cooking in microwaves should be avoided for a better and healthy life.

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