How do you know that you are pregnant?

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There are various ways to know whether a woman is pregnant or not. Most women of today try the pregnancy test at home by buying kits. However, apart from these tests there are other symptoms that help a woman to understand whether she is pregnant or not. Here are some of the common ones:

· Craving for a particular food: this is a very confusing a clichéd symptoms. When a woman conceives, she starts craving for certain food and feels restless until she has had it. Although it is not a sure shot symptom, it might show the signs of getting pregnant. Sometimes it’s just the head playing games.

· Darkening of the Areola: the area around the nipples of a woman gets dark and makes them look larger than usual. This is a very good symptom of pregnancy and might be caused due to imbalanced hormones.

· Visiting the toilet more often: this is also a very good symptom showing pregnancy. This happens due to the production of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone increases one the embryo gets implanted in the walls of the uterus.

· Cramping and spotting: after eight or twelve days of implantation a phenomenon called the implantation spotting occurs. This is where a woman experiences discharge of bloody substances. This is a purely natural thing and nothing to be feared of.

· Feeling of tiredness: this is also a very common symptom of getting pregnant. If a woman feels tired all the time in spite of the complete absence of physical activities, she might be pregnant.

· Swelling of breasts: tender and swollen breasts are very clear indicators of pregnancy. This occurs due to the surge of hormones after the implantation.

· Discomfort caused by certain taste and smell: a feeling of discomfort occurs by smelling or tasting certain kind of food or beverage. There might be a metallic taste in a woman’s mouth.

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