How does Airbags work?

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It is a must to install good quality air pillows in the compartment of the vehicle. If you own a car, you are required to make arrangement of air bags to get relief. Basically, vehicle drivers and passengers use these soft air pillows to protect the bodies from jerking, any stroke and thrust. Air pillows should be made of high quality materials so that the overall durability of the air bags will be longer. Air bags are also known as supplemental inflatable restraint or SIR.

Air bags keep the chest, nape of neckline area and head in safe. Vehicle manufacturers make air pillows to help car travelers to undergo a happy and peaceful car trip. While traveling by cars, it is essential to use air bags so that you will get complete relaxation from physical discomfiture.

Car accidents take place frequently due to street congestion, increase in the number of vehicles and bad road condition. Car accidents can do lot of damages and injuries to the body. For this reason, you will have to take proper pre-emptive measures by using the airbags which can be stored in the cockpit of the car. However, according to experts, only air bags don’t come handy if you are not desirous of upgrading car seats by installing safety belts to increase the protection of the body.

Air bags perform accordingly. For instance, after the detection of ahead-on collision, the crash sensor shoots a rapid signal to the micro machine daccelero meter which measures the speed of the collision. The side doors are also equipped with crash sensors which inform these micro machined accelerometers of the imminent collision. After getting response the air bags which are stored inside the dash board jut out to protect the human body from the massive jerking caused due to accident.

If you probe, you will learn that air bags are filled with nitrogen gas generated by squib inflater/igniter. Actually there are pair of sophisticated bridge wires which are coiled around the armrests of car seats. After getting signals, the wire coils are heated to power the propellants of the airbag. These propellants are made of a side. It is a fuel which produces the nitrogen gas which fills up the vacuum of the air bags.

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