How does Facebook Make Money ??

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Today we all use networking site for communication. Few top networking sites are facebook, linkedin and google’s orkut. There are numerous others like Facebook, but using Facebook is free and yet the facebook introducer Mar Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world. Yes we allnow think that how did he became one of the riches man by starting a networking site, facebook, that too which is absolutely free for the users.

Networking is very essential in today’s world. And it is this fundamental idea that the creator has utilized to boost his bank balance. Today, most companies are opening pages and recruiting people in communication to manage the facebook page. These dedicated individuals come up with various strategies and ides to involve more and more people to like the company’s page. Thus if the fan fare improves, the name and events of the company reaches many at a single click. Such a communication platform is provided by the facebook, but still the question remains in our mind, that is by helping others how can the page make money, when the usage is absolutely free for members? Strange but true.

To find out the answer for how one can earn by starting a free website, is given below in the article. Read below to know all about the moneymaking mechanism by introducing a free networking website;

Advertisement: Yes just like most of the websites face book also earns through posting ads. It is one of the premium sources of earning huge revenue for facebook. The right side of the page displays ads and allows you to click thumbs up and thumbs down. Just like the google adsense facebook also provides pages as per individual interest. So, when you have mentioned in your profile that you are a fan of some brand such as Nikon or Canon, such company’s ads will appear in your page. These are not the typical pop ads but more upgraded one and do not spoil the appearance of your page or disturbs during your search like most of the pop ads do.

Facebook Gifts: on birthdays you may send gifts to your near and dear ones. To send the gift you pay for it and a part of your payment goes to the respective company. While you are sending those virtual gifts you pay an amount and thus the online transaction boosts facebook revenue.

Application Performance: There are some companies who have an arrayof business idea and utilize this platform to involve people. One such company is Zynga that has introduced the Farm ville. Everyone is playing Farmville and both the company and facebook is earning huge revenue from it. Many companies have started using this platform in such a manner.

Thus most of the companies have started using this networking site to understand the customer feedback, other have come up with product display pages, film o production based company pages prefer advertising about their films not only through write ups but also by adding you tube links and song and other information about their events to come, corporate companies also talk about their events and various plans. All in all facebook is used as one of the premium platform to reach the maximum number of people at just one click.

The introducer of facebook might not have initially thought so much, but with time he has improvised every single point of earning revenuet hrough this networking site. Now that you know, how a networking site can help in earning revenue, you may try to introduce one, may be in future.

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