How is network neutrality affecting internet?

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Since the year 2006, network neutrality debate began when the House Energy and Commerce Committee bill was introduced. According to this bill the provisions authorizes Network Neutrality issue. The debate conducted amidst two sections, including the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and on the other side remained the civil society groups such as Free Press and Center for Digital Democracy.

The concept of Network Neutrality

Communication and data transfer between any two computers take place through network. The network helps in transferring messages from one computer to the other. Network providers or ISPs, can access the content, and choose their priority message to be transferred between the two systems. But as per the recent bill of the network neutral approach is completely against this system. Some of the potential points that support this issue are;

  • Service quality (QoS)
  • Obstruction free information service
  • Maintain equality between service provider and service provided.

Rule of Network Neutrality

As per the principle of network neutrality all internet users should be able to use the system as per their demand, and get access to all any information available in the Internet.

Network Neutrality and the Internet

  • For e.g companies like YouTube, offers free video content viewing option to millions which causes a huge consumption of bandwidth. It is due to such heavy usage, the network providers want to charge such companies for their video-content and making it available on their websites.
  • To control the distribution of any and every data on internet. A few Internet services are given priority by the ISPs and the content developers are charged for such services. The Network Neutrality supporters want the US government to restrict such measures of the ISPs, and provide free-flow of information on the Internet.
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is the main network that can be easily controlled and it does not support Network Neutrality. PSTN makes the Internet more organized. To centralize the service some are moving to PSTN connection.

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