How to Keep Yourself Sweat-Free?

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With winter still quite some time away, rain falling most inconveniently, humidity is still one of our greatest enemies. So in this horrible weather – how do to stop yourself from sweating excessively and take the necessary measures to stay cool?

  • We suggest that you cut down completely on your caffeine, as it is one of the substances that would trigger off anxiety. This in turn leads to the body sweating more than necessary.
  • Or maybe you can enroll in a class of yoga. Yoga is one of the most natural ways of calming down your nerves, and ensuring that sweat production is reduced dramatically.
  • We would also ask you to not have your amazingly delicious spicy foods. Even though they are yummy, they are also the factors behind making you sweat like a pig and without many intervals.
  • Another way of dealing with excessive sweat would be to make sure that you wear a good quality undershirt. The undershirt would absorb the excess sweat from your body, and evaporate it in no time.
  • Lastly, it would be wisest to avoid hot drinks like tea and coffee. Instead of that, why not have ice teas, lemonades and fresh fruit juices, which would help you regulate your body temperature! And make sure that you don’t sweat.

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