How to Motivate Your Child to concentrate on Studies

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We all thought that studies are a bore and that it would be so much better if we could simply play all the time. However, all play and no work would not make Jack any brighter if just worked all the time. Education is a compulsory part of every child’s life. And it is quite important too. However, most parents never explain to their child why it is important and crib when their wards fail to bring forward satisfactory results.

  • Parents should always encourage their children to know more and help them through studies. Students in the higher grade believe it is necessary to go in for extra tutorials. But if a parent simply sat with them while they pegged away at their books, it would do worlds of good.
  • Parents should also make sure that the place where the child would study is cheerful and pleasant. No one would like to study at place that was dirty and unkempt. It helps if the place is clean, and room is painted in cheerful colors. Also, make sure the child makes use of the study table and chair, and never the bed. There is a higher chance for them to doze off if they studied on their beds.
  • Encouraging competition in the children also helps but be sure not to stretch it to the point of hatred. The child gains confidence once he gets grades his parents’ appreciate. However, comparing your child with another all the time would only cause him to resent you as well as his education.
  • Loving words and frequent bribes (like chocolates) whenever he achieves something to be proud of, also helps to keep the child motivated to study. The desire to be rewarded, makes them want to sit with their books and do some studying.
  • Always help your child when they ask you innumerable questions and never lose patience with them. When you sit down with them for their study sessions start with the subject he likes, and move to topics he finds distasteful.
  • Once your child sees what he can accomplish, he wouldn’t need you to ask him to study.

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