How to prepare a Lychee Squash ?

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Despite the nagging humidity and bouts of heat blasts; summer with its fruity abundance is worth looking forward to. Besides adding to your platter, the refreshingly soothing summer drinks can serve to beat the heat. In fact, cool and soothing lychee juice with dashes of crushed ice can be one of the most sought after options of a nice and breezy summer evening. The following concoction blended out of lychee pulp, lemon squeeze, sugar and water can fall into the rhythmic breeze of a summer evening.

  • Easily to store and preserve, lychee squash involves the use of a cup full of lychee pulp, sugar and water. A table spoon of lemon juice is one of the inputs.
  • Having deseeded the lychee, you need to blend the pulp in a mixer/blender.
  • The resulting pulp should be strained to extract the juicy content.
  • The cup full of sugar needs to be boiled in water of equal measure.
  • Wait until the sugar dissolves in the boiling water.
  • Dissolution of sugar needs to be followed up by the addition of lemon juice.
  • The resulting solution is to be boiled for a minute or two. Thereafter, you may have it removed from flame.
  • Wait until the syrup is sufficiently cool. The process of cooling should be followed by the addition of lychee blend.
  • The resulting concoction of lychee squash is ready to be a part of the summer chill. But before having or serving, make sure that it is refrigerated.
  • In fact, you can store the drink in a bottle for the purpose of refrigeration.
  • Before having a taste of it, or before serving it to your guests and friends, do remember the final touch up by adding to the same crushed ice in needful measures.

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