How to prevent allergies naturally?

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When your body reacts adversely to any new factor, it is defined as an allergy. In the past twenty years, there has been marked increase in the incidence of allergies. The reasons may be many and varied. Change in climate and increasing pollution along with the contamination of food and water resources are major causes.

An allergic reaction may take different forms. You can come out in rashes or start itching badly. You can start sneezing and your nose begins to run. You can even develop a digestive problem as an allergic reaction. Instead of taking anti histamines for every allergy, here are a few suggested ways in which you can prevent allergies by using natural methods:

1.       Vitamin C is the natural anti allergic. If you are prone to allergies, include the kiwi fruit in your diet. This is rich in antihistamines like vitamin C. allergies often have a seasonal trend. If you notice such a trend in you, ask your doctor and take vitamin C supplements during the allergy season.

2.      Wear clean clothes. Clothes often carry allergens with them. So, they should be changed and cleaned regularly.

3.      Keep your windows closed in order to prevent allergies. This is especially helpful if you are allergic to pollen or other airborne irritants. Just keep them out and enjoy a life free of allergies.

4.      Switch to white meat like chicken. They cause less allergies and are overall healthier than red meat.

5.      If you suffer from dust allergies, keep the furnishing, carpets, rugs and draperies clean at all times.

6.      If you are allergy prone, add fish oil supplements to your diet as they are natural anti allergic. Oregano oil and lime juice are other natural anti allergic which are very popular.

7.      Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and good cleaning habits to say goodbye to allergies.

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