How to Remove Passwords from your PDF Files

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“Portable document format “or PDF is a standardized means of documentation. The prospect of having to safeguard files maintained in this format involves the use of intricate passwords. In spite, of having saved the same in your memory; the process of having to type it out each and every time may become boring and cumbersome. But by means of a utility device offered by Window; the cumbersome procedure may be partially simplified.

By availing of the facility of this utility device, one may do away with the prospect of password. The device known by the name of BECyPDFMetaEdit leads to the removal of passwords from files saved in PDF format.

The utility device needs to be launched. Having been launched the device will enquire about the situational presence of the concerned file having PDF format. Obviously, you will need to select the concerned folder before opening the same. But, prior to the selection leading on to opening; you need to change over the operational mode. The mode should gear to that of complete rewriting. Having selected the mode; you can have the specific PDF file opened out.

But thereafter, you need to change over to the tab of ‘security’. Such a change over is necessary because by means of the same; you will be facilitated to tune the system of security. The system should be attuned to the mode of ‘no encryption’. Such a mode will ensure that the password ceases to exist. Thereafter, you got to have the save button clicked on; for the final deletion of the same. Clicking the save button will also ensure the protection of the file in the mentioned format without involving the role of password.

One of the biggest advantages of this device tools relates to the fact that it ensures removal of passwords without causing any change to the files protected in PDF format. But ironically, the utility device leading to the removal of complicated passwords has been named quite complicatedly.


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