How to take a proper interview?

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Interviewing a candidate and identifying if he suits your expectations is challenging and should be cultivated before actually sitting for it. Interviewing qualities includes very good communication skill, alertness of mind and quick sense of logic and analysis. There are various types of interviews, for e.g. it can be research based or job interview, or interviewing media personnel or business or a television program. Hence, whatever may be the topic you should know your subject thoroughly. You must have knowledge on that subject. Then only you may be able to frame apt question and your analyzing power will help you understand his mind very quickly. So before you go for an interview next time do keep the below mentioned points in your mind for better result. I have discussed every single step of interviewing correctly.

Tips for preparing yourself

You should follow before interviewing someone. Keep this basic information in your mind:

  • Inform your candidate about your interviewing time and place.
  • Think and analyze yourself well in advance. This will help you in understanding properly about your qualities and skills about the issue.
  • Planning is very important. Write down your questions on a paper. Practice with yourself how you want to start and act out a mock interviewing session. This will prepare you best for the actual interview.
  • If you are taking a job interview, take out some time from your busy schedule and read his/her resume and applications letter. This will help you understand the candidate’s qualification, work experience and etc will also give you a brief idea about him.
  • When the interview will over inform the candidate that within what period he shall be informed.
  • The Final Interview Session
  • Clarity in vision, knowledge about the job profile and good communication skill helps in the final interview session. Do an in depth research of the company’s profile. This will help in the discussion.
  • Here I have discussed few special techniques of facing an interview:
  • · Meet the candidate professionally with a warm smile and greet him with a handshake. Let him be comfortable and then start talking.
  • · Talk about the impressive areas in the resume or any other documents he has given. Appreciate if you really liked his work or credential.
  • · Avoid asking personal questions in an interview.
  • · Ask your question and then listen to the answers carefully. This will help you understand him better and will also help you modifying you’re following questions.
  • · While discussing an issue, if you feel that the candidate is avoiding a particular question, just allows him to do that and to continue the conversation, provide him with a far more comfortable topic. Such a discussion will also help you understand the nature of the person, his general knowledge about various topics and the way he can handle unpredictable situation.
  • · Do not make it a quiz session, rather improvise it with personal touch and make it a discussion session rather than a typical interview.
  • · Fix a time for the interview. Do not take too long or too short maintain a healthy time that will help you understand your candidate. Finish it within the stipulated time.
  • · After in the interviews is over, always inform him by what time he will be informed about the nest schedule of the meeting.
  • At the end of the interview do not forget to get back to the candidates at the promised date and time. Inform them about the company’s opinion and talk to them politely in any circumstances.
  • Interviewing a person is a tough job but if you follow the above mentioned tips you can take interviews comfortably.

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