How to take proper care of your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses ?

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The eyes are probably the most important part of your body. They are also somewhat delicate and need good care. Millions of people around the world use eye makeup. Many use colored contact lenses as fashion accessories while others wear the lenses because of some sight problem. But, whatever may be the reason that you wear contact lenses, proper care is absolutely vital. Wearing contact lenses without following the basic care and safety guidelines can be quite harmful for your eyes. It can lead to infections or other complications.

Here are a few eye care tips to help you keep your eyes healthy when you wear contact lenses:

1.       If you have to wear spectacles for medical reasons, then you may switch to contact lenses. They definitely help you look your best. However, just like when you wear spectacles, you will have to get regular eye checkups and visits to the doctor. In fact, you should consult a doctor about the type of lens that you can wear.

2.      Remove your contact lenses while taking a bath and especially during swimming. Contact with water can lead to bacterial and fungal infection in the eye.

3.      Keep your hands clean at all times and especially before you touch your eyes or handle the contact lenses. Uses non cosmetic soaps to wash your hands. Dirty hands carry germs to the eyes.

4.      Follow guidelines to clean your contact lenses. You should not use tap water directly on them or put them in your mouth to clean them as microorganisms can infect the lens.

5.      Be careful while applying eye makeup after wearing your contact lenses. No makeup should get on the lens. Similarly, remove the lens before removing the makeup.

6.      Opt for spectacles during travelling in order to avoid dust allergies.

7.      Stay away from fires and direct flame during your outdoor barbecue as they harm your eyes and may even lead to blindness.

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