India Made One Step Forward in developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Capabilities to Cover China

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India has made one step further in the case of releasing ICBM or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which can travel 5000 km to reach the extreme northern part of China. In a news brief, it has been stated by scientists that India has upgraded the Agni V ballistic missile which was launched few years back as a part of defending the country. China is the caustic rival. This Asian country attacked India back to 1960. At that time India had to lose land and property due to bloodshed war. After independence, India had to receive the jolt from Chinese troops.

Right now China has made massive progression in inventing deadly surface to surface ballistic missiles and intercontinental cryogenic based missile which can travel at high speed to cover some of important base points within the territory of India. In retaliation to this threat from China, India has had to improve the quality of defense by upgrading the ballistic missile and other sophisticated weaponry.

India has also got success in the upgradation of Ballistic Missile Defense program. This BMD missile can intercept and inactivate ballistic missiles coming from China. India is now becoming superpower as this Asian country has made an excellent progression and development in reinforcing Indian military and defense

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