Internet is the world largest advertising market

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And so our parents’ fears have come true. Our world is suddenly replaced by the fact that most of our world seems to be in the internet now. And companies that promote advertising has confirmed that since the number of mobile internet users is currently at 100 million, and would move to 350 plus in a few years time, it is best to reach out to the consumers on a one-to-one basis.

That is what the McKinsey & Company Director Laxman Narasimhan had to say at the AdAsia conference

The Indians as a whole are slowly picking up on the western world trends which includes being glued to their mobile devices that now offer internet access through =out the day. So it is no wonder why the Oglivy and Mather India Executive has informed us about company’s new policy of hiring a new director, a new PR, and a new creative director for a only the digital media. Changing times is certainly demanding some changes in all these companies. In fact, Oglivy and Mather is hiring more members of today’s youth, who would have a better understanding of the current needs. Their digital work is only five percent of the company, and as always, the company wants to be the best.

The AdAsia conferences have seen a striking rise in participants from India. From the earlier figures of 650 and 850, it has reached 1,200 this time. Here’s hoping the receptive Indian audience would get to see a lovely online advertisements.


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