iPhone 5 Launched by Apple

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With the arrival of iPhone 5 edition in the Indian market, mobile phone service providers are placing orders for Nano-SIM cards from different reliable sources.

Nano-SIM cards will be fitted to iPhone 5 mobile phones. Meanwhile, Airtel has decided to place the order for Nano-SIM cards from Oberthur. Syscom has been selected by Vodafone for purchasing Nano-SIM cards. Aircel will also buy Nano-SIM cards from Oberthur.

Micro-SIM cards have earned huge publicity and appreciation with the coming of iPhone 4 models. On the other hand, in spite of the declaration regarding the release of iPhone 5 model in India, there is no positive feedback from Apple store about the finalization of premier date in India. Indian consumers are showing their strong interests to buy sophisticated products like iPhone. They are giving special credit to Apple for the production of hi-tech devices.

At a conference, one of the official spokespersons of Apple has told media reporters that this new iPhone will be available with the data storage range of 16 GB,32 GB and 64 GB in capacity. Apple has upgraded this new handset by adding approximately 200 new features. It is great achievement for Apple. You will have to check the snapshots and technical specification reports of the handset. It has been stated that Apple will produce more iPhone 5 handsets for shifting them to at least 20 countries by 28th September. If the response from consumers is positive, Apple will increase the production capacity to gift this iPhone 5 handset to people.

iPhone 5 is the latest handset launched by Apple. It has the excellent features which are unavailable in other smart phones. For this reason, experts of Apple are expecting better outcome after the introduction of this handset to people. iPhone 5 will give you some special moments to talk to your friends.

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