Is It Permissible to Allow Woman to Propose First?

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It seems to appear odd, if a woman proceeds in advance to express her affection towards a dude. She will have to gather courage and do her job to propose a man boldly. In past, it was quite absurd for a lady to feel crazy for a dude. She expressed her love only after taking consent from the male partner. This type of social binding was a custom in the society. Though it doesn’t mean that a lady is not allowed to propose in public but better to say this type of liberty is restricted due to the tradition and aesthete. However, time is changing fast overtaking obstacles and barriers. It is advancing just like a forceful stream. In the human society, status of a woman is accelerated to equate with males. In that case, it is obvious that this type of switchover from the conventional legacy must influence the personal relationship to a great extent.

So far so good, a lady is permitted to choose her partner for marriage. She is given the emancipation to hold hands of her sweetheart in public. In many cases, it is also seen that celebrities exchange kisses under open sky as a token of love. Now, there are many critics and zealots who are not taking it lightly. They take the strong exception to such a severe exposure. On the other hand, women are becoming bold to demand their basic rights. A lady has the right to propose. However, if you read the psychology of males, you must understand that a dude whether he is a rustic youth or an executive working in a MNC feels hesitated to take the love proposal from a woman. A male suffers from personal ego and social compulsion/reservation. He doesn’t feel proud of accepting proposal of love from a lady. It has become a social law that a man proposes and a girl accepts.

On being asked to give personal comments about the extension of the liberty enjoyed by women to backfire a message of love to a male independently, many dudes quipped by saying that in that case, they would certainly loss a chance to propose someone special in the event of snatching that freedom from male partners. Now, it is a big question tag whether only man should be in the decision making situation outperforming females. Within a social framework, one can’t ignore the equal status irrespective of gender and religion. To be frank, few aestheticians try to tackle this odd situation by prioritizing the issue of aesthetic appeal. According to them, if a woman likes to propose a man beforehand, it will break the so-called system or natural law. Though some men don’t care but others nod their heads in negation. So it is quite difficult to say who will be a good decision maker.

To speak the truth, the clash between the so-called conventional belief and the ultra-modern concepts is palpable. Is it a real problem? Experts are trying to put emphasis on the mutual understanding and point of the acceptability. With times proceeding, a woman will be more sophisticated, liberal and dashing. However, it is also true that a male’s attitude, tastes and his involvement to support a female’s right to propose love should be modified. They must change their conceptions and mindsets about females. It stands to reason; a woman must wait for a century to get back her right to propose independently. An eminent psychologist has claimed that it is still a questionable issue whether a lady must be bold, dashing and more aggressive in nature, tastes and behavior.

This sort of desperation may cause a lack of communication between males and females. To a guy, a woman is a work of art. She is the symbol of love, affection, beauty and tranquility. So, allowing women to appear more resolute and desperate can topple them from the prestigious berth given by male dominated society. However, it can’t be predicted right now. Time will be the most reliable eye-witness to dictate the changeable format of human relationship in near future.

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