Is online storage data safe?

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While working on computers, data storage becomes very important. DVDs and hard drive, pen drives have been used as data storage device. One must store that data safely. But storing data in external hard discs are not free from risks. They have their disadvantages, such as these external discs can crash and cause trouble. The crash of any hard disc causes loss of data. To solve such a problem, data storage devices have been developed in the digital space. Offline storing facilities are also available. Now the obvious question arises, how safe are these digital storing devices?

In this digital space the data can remain complete secure in this manner.

Why should you consider the online data storage safe?

Pre-upload File Encryption

Important files can be stored in the server. While uploading these files in the server it is encrypted using an algorithm. This algorithm is derived using a ‘key’, which is in turn derived from the password which the client creates to access the file. After encryption is done, the file is uploaded on the server and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

Secure Socket Layer Encryption for Data Transfer

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an encryption technique that is used as a standard to transfer data from the client’s computer to the server and back. This security measure is also used for web communications.

Server-Side Encryption of Files

In this, encryption of data files is done after they are stored on the server. The passwords generated by server-side encryption are available with the client and data center administrators.

Safety at Data Centers

This is a center which manages all data which are stored offline. There are several servers in a single data center. Each individual server is commonly enclosed in a cage which is under lock and key and is monitored by a user name and password.

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