Is Shilpa shetty Pregnant?

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Bollywood’s hot damsel is pissed off with the Indian press for spreading rumors of her being pregnant. The news that she is pregnant has been published on a large scale by various leading newspapers of the country. Shilpa had previously denied the news and had even posted on twitter that she was not pregnant and it was all a rumor. But in spite of the post many people who were Shilpa’s followers have been congratulating her on her pregnancy. Finally Shilpa got fed up and tweeted that she is not pregnant and it’s all a rumor.

She feels that this is a very sensitive issue and whenever such an issue will come up it will be entirely her decision whether or not to speak it out in public. The media should not make an issue out of someone’s personal life and few sensitive issues regarding it. She even tweeted that she knows everyone is curious about her life but since all these issues are sensitive and would also appreciate if the private matters remain in the private domain. The pretty actress, Shilpa Shetty had got married to businessman Raj Kundra about one and half years ago on the 22nd of November 2009.

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