Jelly Bean Android 4.1 – Upgraded Version of Ice Cream Sandwich

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Comparing to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, newly upgraded 4.1 version of Google’s Android is more upgraded with lot of improvements on a single go. Jelly Bean with 4.1 editions is sexier and more charming in outlook. It will be a compact Android handset with the glamorous curb appeal. The soft to touch screen is able to displays colorful images to soothe eyes. Soft backlight effect is unforgettable. The landscape screen is glowing like a piece of gem. More speed and performance can be expected from this futuristic handset.

Jelly Bean 4.1 handset has the Project Butter. Users will have a wonderful experience to drive the fingers across the Vsync screen to surf the net. The operating system of the device is up to the mark. The lower wastage of data space and more innovation has been indulged in upgrade the handset by introducing the hi-tech tools and accessories. Be confident of using your Jelly Bean handset which gives a cool sensation to keep it in the gripe. The glossy texture of the handset is marvelous. In a press release, to date, Android Jelly Bean is the best performer if you analyze properly. Understanding the minor technical drawbacks which experienced by consumers to operate Ice Cream Android.

Talking about the technical configuration and designs of this futuristic handset, CEO of
Google Android has confirmed the proper utilization of sophisticated technology to make the handset more multi-functional, up-to-date and more performance based. All key tabs are in a proper place. The proper alignment is strongly felt in the technical configuration. There will be no defect in the structure. Nor will there be any trace of technical disorder in the interior circuit of the device. The display unit will be transparent. The picture quality is remarkably excellent. You can stuff it into the pocket when you will be on a trip. There is good provision for internet surfing and online chatting. The data safekeeping space is sufficient to enhance the smooth transfer of data and snapshots. The soft key pad and the hi-tech operating system of the device must be properly utilized to have a premium feel at the time of using the handset. The updated notification, Wi-Fi system, better surfing, speedy sms sending process and video sharing are some of the marvelous features. You can send snapshots to other users using this operating system. Android Jelly Bean will be found in Nexus S and Motorola XOOM models.

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