John Abraham talks about forthcoming flick ‘Aashayein’

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Mumbai, July 29 (ANI): Bollywood actor John Abraham talked about his coming up film ‘Aashayein’ during a promotional event here on Thursday.

Abraham said that the film would leave a positive impact on the minds of people.

“First wish was that it should release. Now when it is releasing, I am very happy. My wish is that it should be a positive film in audience’s mind and I am confident that it will be a confident film in the mind of the audience,” said Abraham.

“Commercially it is a small film, but it will create big impact on minds. So, I think that commercially it should be a plus film,” he added.

Abraham further said he wants to enhance his performance in all his films.

“In my effort I would like to improve my performance qualitatively and perform in good films. Every actor wants credibility so ‘Aashayein’ is that film where I am looking for critical and credible acclaim,” he added.

Written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, the movie stars John Abraham and Sonal Sehgal in the lead roles.

‘Aashayein’ is the story of a gambler, who discovers new meanings of life through a dramatic turn of events. By Sheikh Sharik (ANI)

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