Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding

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Love is always bright and sweet to feel. Love is just like a newly bloomed rose which has flourished for welcoming young hearts to anticipate the bright daylight. Kim Kardashian is the sexiest Hollywood celebrity who is la belle dam sans mercy. She knows how to win someone’s heart. Kris is always eager to give concrete shape to everlasting love. Two souls are craving for union to form a bond of intoxicated friendship. Love is not a dream which you dreamed last night. Nor is it a hallucination or inebriated state of mind. Kris and Kim are energetic lovers and daters. They have outperformed time, social obligation and barriers by loving each other. Their intimacy is snowballing into more devastating but wild love which is irresistible.

Kris has already planned to gift a 20.5 carat wedding ring to Kim on special occasion. They will meet, and spend silvery night in more majestic way. When the autumnal moon bobs up in the vast blue sky, they will hug each other to reinforce their romantic venture which must bring more color and dimension to their lives. Love is not a game that you can play at any point of time. Love is so charming and so charismatic that you will feel Olympian aloofness.

Kris and Kim are lucky lovers who will be united in marriage most probably in the last quarter of July or in the very beginning of August. Kim is so beautiful and cute that Kris will learn how to love from his sweetheart. He will drink the essence of charisma dripping through the sunken eyes of Ave Maria whose deadly and razor sharp beauty seems to create love sickness which is more charming and difficult to resist.

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