Kurio 7 Tablet price, deatils and features

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The first Kurio 7 tablet computer was exhibited for hands-on demo way back to February 2012. This sophisticated ultra-thin computer is small in shape with superb curb appeal. At the Toy Fair 2012, this concept tablet was shown by experts. Right now, modifications are still on to make it more presentable to both adults and children.

The initial price of this hand held tablet digital note pad is something around $233. This sophisticated computer will have Android 4.0 Ice Cream OS. The 7 inch touch-screen display unit will have 800×480 color pixels. The exterior compartment of the tablet will be insulated with rubber to lighten up the device. It will be fitted to juvenile community. Kids can play with these tablet computers comfortably.

Kurio 7 edition is more flexible and meant for a stylist person. It brings color of joy to a bevy of cute high profile ladies. Its exterior design is magnificent. The majestic aesthete of this glossy tablet is so charming that your heart must swing and bounce in joy. To be frank, this tablet is more protective and less expensive. Children can be prevented from watching bad elements by keeping the device on child locking mode. The operating system of the computer is excellent. The hi-tech Wi-Fi system is so an excellent feature. The 4 GB data storage capacity is conducive to the proper maintenance of digital files in a systematic way. You can sift it from one spot to another. A 0.3 cam at the rear side of the tablet is efficient to capture the beautiful images. The colorful snapshots shot by this small camera are extremely marvelous. The life expectancy of the ion batteries of the device is good. On a single recharge, the tablet will run for a span of 6 hours at a stretch. You can operate the computer at your own convenience. The structural elegance of the Kurio 7 tablet is eye-catching. Its portable shape is an advantage for kids to deal with this device.

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