Lemon and its health benefits

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Lemon has several beneficial properties and this has been known by us for a long time. However, the commonest notion about lemon is that it is a fruit rich in Vitamin C and helps in the reduction of weight of a person. It is surprising to know that a very small lemon is as beneficial as the expensive cosmetics that one buys to take care of the health. Lemons are very good for skin, hair and health. Moreover, lemons are also used as a cleaning agent for clothes in order to remove stains. It is a very good fruit that helps in the reduction of weight and also helps in curing acnes. The citrus acid that is present in the juice of lemon helps in burning the deposits of the fats in our bodies. This is how a lemon reduces weight.

Other very good properties of lemon are listed below:

  • The famous drink comprising of lemon along with honey are taken in by most of the people who are on diet and helps in the reduction of their weight. Lemon juice can be consumed on a regular basis in order to remove the layers of fats that get deposited in the body. This in turn helps to bring about a good shape of the body.
  • Lemons also help a great deal in the digestion of a person. People who continuously suffer from gastric, digestive and acidity must have lemon juice squeezed in hot water. One can also chew in a few seeds of carom, popularly called Ajwain, and rid themselves from stomach ailments.
  • Lemons also help to fight against various infections by increase in the anti bodies and killing the micro-organisms that cause these problems.
  • It also acts as a great beauty product. It is very good for the skin and hair of a person.

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