LG Lucid smart phone features and specification

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Are you moving from heaven to earth to buy a smart phone which provides excellent operating system, color combination, latest features, excellent design and more eco-friendly? If you want to smarten up your personality, you need not hesitate to go to the shop only for getting LG Lucid smart phone which speaks itself.

Naturally, lot of questions will come to your mind whether it is sleek, ultra-light, easy to care, feather touch screen and availability of game downloadable options. Now widen your eyes to check the technical spec sheet and try to make an evaluation about this futuristic smart phone which has Android OS option to make your dream come true. You will be heated up in intoxicated excitement after looking askance at the glossy handset which has a beautifully upgraded 5mp cam plus a 1.2 GHz processor which will surely bring a dimensional change to the technical upgradation of the device. 1 GB RAM, dual core processor, landscape calendar view, data storage space, online game downloading option, wi-fy system to surf the net, There are alarming, a calculator and data checking interfaces as well. This is the smart phone which has a very speedy processor. There is a sophisticated computer syncing device to transfer data from computer to mobile phone and vice versa.

LG Lucid is also known as LG Cayman, LG VS840, and LG Lucid 4G models. The small camera is fantastically designed. It can capture images of objects lying over a distance clearly and more transparently. You can send the voice messages in the absence of the responder. Besides, there is also an excellent voice recording system to catch the favorite voice. This smart phone is a sophisticated device to make someone smarter and more fashionable. LG Lucid has sms sending option. You can backfire sms as many as you can depending on the tariff plan. A small MicroUSB interface is also in use to upgrade the mobile handset.

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