Logitech K310- Washable

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Logitech K310 has been gifted by Logitech to facilitate computer users who like to rinse their keyboards in water. This new keyboard is durable and dynamic in design. Comparing to ordinary landscape keyboards, this new computer accessory is water resistant.

Logitech K310 keyboard is glossy and long lasting. You can dip your device in water for cleaning. However, in that case, you will have to use only branded cleansers selected by Logitech. You need to go through the information booklets published by the company. On the other hand, before washing the K310 keyboard in water, you will have to disconnect USB interface device for a part of protection. This latest keyboard can be immersed into 30cm deep water. According to experts, after cleaning this device in water, a user must keep it in open place for water shedding. Maximum 8 hours will be taken to dry up the keyboard. Experts have advised people not to use any hair dryer machine to warm the device. It is better to read the instructions properly to wash the keyboard.

It is not still clear whether K310 will be applicable to Mac OS X. Nor is there any specific information regarding the availability of K310 keyboard in the shape of normal or sealed compartment as seen in the McDonald keyboard. To be frank, Logitech has taken long time to release water proof keyboards in the market. Earlier, HP, Kensington, and Unotron sold splash resistant keyboards in the international market. However, their keyboards are not attractive like K310 models. Logitech has done lot of trials and researches to upgrade the model. This keyboard is lighter in weight. There are small water outlets in the backside of the device to speed up the keyboard cleansing process.

The attractive color contrasts of this computer upgradation tool are superb. Now, consumers will have to give their feedbacks after using these sophisticated K310 keyboards.

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