Mahindra Thar features and specs

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Good products do not need publicity for their sale and so is Mahindra Thar. Launched without any pomp and show the car managed to gather enough attention cause of the involvement of suggestion of customers in its design and for being a quality product. The demands of customers have been incorporated in the vehicle at no extra cost. Now let us take a look whether the car is worth investing 7.21 lacs or not, referring to the top variant CRDe 4X4 AC model.

Performance specs:

The engine being employed is of NEF TCI – CRDe type with a displacement of 2498cc. With this design the car can attain a maximum torque of 247 Nm@1800 RPM and maximum power of 105 bhp@3800 RPM. The suspensions consist of torsion and stabilizer bar. All this is sufficient to impart strength to the vehicle for an amazing performance off-road.


The car seems to be a beast and with its unique design will make the heads turn for sure. The legendary design of a broad exterior has been retained. And this really helps the car to gain an edge in the tough competition among SUVs from other brands. The wheels are very durable and won’t get wear off no matter how rocky the roads get. The front bumper has been extended along with a heavy bumper guard to crush the bushes and other obstacles in your way.


The air-con switches have been planted in the car on account of being inspired from Bolero VLX. Usage of screws to attach the soft-top, however earlier pins were used. The seats in the rear portion of the car have a declination in the positioning with respect to height. This has created more space for the head of the passengers.


Between the pillar A and B a cross bar has been introduced which adds on to the robustness of the vehicle. AC, heater and music system add onto the comfort of the passengers.

The front axle earlier had a locking hub which has been replaced by a fixed flange, which is more rigid and reliable.

The top is removable so never fail to remove it when the weather is pleasant. You just cannot resist riding in a Thar on a highway; you can feel the fun and frolic in the air! Go fly like a wind in your very own Thar.

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