Malayalam actress ananya wedding

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Ananya, the actress of ‘Engaeyum Eppothum’ and ‘Nadodigal’ is to enter the wedlock soon. She is to marry Anjaneyan, an entrepreneur based at Trichur. The couple is to be engaged on the 3rd of February. As reported by Ananya, she has always left the decision of her marriage to her parents. She further said that when Anjaneyan and his family approached her parents, they found him to be the right choice for her.

The engagement ceremony of the duo is planned in Ananya’s house in Perumbavur which is near Ernakulam. However, the wedding date is not yet fixed and is expected to be finalised in the betrothal function that is to be attended by friends and close relatives. The acting career for Ananya is yet to be decided. It has not been decided weather she would continue her career in acting or not after wedding. She says her would decide on this and continues saying that she is happy with the choice made by her parents. So let us see how this marriage works and hope that both will lead a happy married life ever after. In the meantime, we are not sure weather we would see Ananya in cinema after her marriage but hope that the decision made by Anjaneyan will be good for the two.

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