Malayalam Superstars-Interrogated for Nexus for Illegal Possession of Financial Resources

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The parameter of social justice depends on the efficiency of the judicial machinery, the clarity of mindsets of common persons and overall ambience in the society. There are other factors which are also responsible to enhance the good governance for the betterment of human society. There are many persons who are not aware of the limits of power. The same way, it is also true that when celebrities and moral guardians of the society start committing wrongdoings, the society becomes a sensitive area where injustice sits comfortably to dampen the steady progression of the nation.

Few days back, two important VIPs have been caught red handed by police. Mammootty and Mohanlal are two eminent superstars in Kochi who have been interrogated by police personnel. The secrets of becoming rich are coming out in public. A combing operation was launched by police to do raids on the houses of two celebrities. 20 lakh rupees in Indian currency have been seized so far. This money was recovered from their residential houses. The searching operation was operated in Bangalore, Chennai and Thrivananthapuram so far apart from Kochi. Police knew that they had nexus with the underworld. Celebrities were forced to reveal names of criminals who have close link with the underworld.

Mammootty returned to face interrogation. Mohanlal was busy of completing a movie in Rameswaram located in Tamil Nadu. IT officials also gave their statements about the bank details of these two celebrities. Extensive research and investigation are being done by a group of specially trained officers to detect the accused.

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