Mamta Mohandas Reception marriage wedding photos

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Mamta is cute and beautiful. She knows how to apply her own talent to impress others. However, Mamta Mohandas is also going to her own home for taking preparation for the celebration of her marriage with Pregith who is handsome and well built. This fantastic gentleman will make the evening of 28th December more charismatic and glamorous by wedding this young high profile lady. The marriage celebration will be hosted at Kadavu Resort located in Kozhikode.

However, Mamta is not an idle woman and she has decided to finish her upcoming movie directed by Shyamaprasad. In Arike, she will be seen acting with brilliance as a heroine. Both domestic and commercial lifestyles should run neck to neck. Mamta has claimed that marriage is a sweet part of life. However, she is not ready to demolish her professional career which has held her name in high stature in movie industry. Arike will showcase her in the international arena. Therefore, she will try her best to perform excellently in this upcoming film.

She is feeling well to work with Dileep once again. Last time she performed with this leading hero in Passenger movie in which her name was Anuradha. Now in this Arike, she will appear as Anuradha once again but instead of being aggressive and outspoken, she will be mild, timid and compassionate. Arike will give her scope to act in a different role.

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