Meera Chopra alleged in murder trial

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Police suspects the South Indian actress Meera Chopra to be connected with the murder of Ruch Bhuttan, a 28 year old lady residing in New Delhi. Meers Chopra has acted in a few of Telegu Films such as, Bangaram, Vaana and Maaro. Ruchi the residential of New Delhi was found dead in her apartment. The cause for her death is still under investigation.

Ruchi’s in – laws have said to the police that she has committed suicide but her close friends and relatives have alleged her husband Sumit and the actress Meera for plotting the murder. According to them the actress and Ruchi’s husband shared an illegitimate relationship. When Ruchi found about this relationship and protested against these activities, they planned and killed her. All these incidents Ruchi penned in a diary. Police have found this diary where she has mentioned about how she was often dishonored by Sumit for her simple look and have faced vigorous comparisons with Meera’s appearance.

Too many incidents have complicated the case. Apart from this diary the police are yet to gather strong proofs against the actress or Ruchi’s husband. The investigation is still on, and the police have decided to talk to the actress so as to solve the case without any confusion.

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