Nasal blockage causes and treatment

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Nasal blockage is one of the most irksome things that could happen to any of us. Resulting mainly from a bad cold or an allergy or sinus, nasal blockage leads to inflammation of the nasal passage. The body takes its own measure to deal with the problem. It secretes an extra dose of mucus to keep the nasal passage smooth so that the irritant can flow out of the system. Many believe that allowing dry air in the nose might cause relief or eliminate the problem but that is not true. The cure to nasal blockage lies before our own eyes at our very homes. One of the easiest remedies available at home is hot tea. If you can brew a cup of green, peppermint or ginger tea, you can be assured of relief. Try to consume as much of hot fluids as possible. This aids in the relief from a nose blockage. Another way of instant relief is inhaling steam. The process is as follows : Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of steaming hot water, sit with your head over it and a blanket around you to concentrate the effect of the steam and inhale the hot air. If hot steam fails, you can go in for a steam bath or a hot shower. It serves to provide relief by getting rid of the blockage. This might seem unconventional but spicy food can be a remedy to nose blockage. Loads of chilli powder makes our nose run and that helps in combating blockage. Yet another remedy will be that of mixing salt with warm water and directing it into your nasal passage with the help of a shot glass. The last remedy is onions. Sniff them or consume them, they provide instant relief.

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