New BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe Launched at Rs. 86.4 Lacs

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BMW has launched the all new 6- Series Gran coupe at a whopping price of Rs. 86.4 Lacs. The car was launched at a showroom located in Delhi, yesterday. This model is the latest BMW model that has been launched in this year.

The car has been facing many rivals just after its launch. These are the all time Audi and Mercedes-Benz. This new model is the updated version of the old Gran Coupe model. The exterior of the car has been made bigger and more stylish so that it is even better to look at. The car has a greater appeal than its previous version. The car has been made bigger by extending the wheel base. This makes it larger than the 5-Series Gran Coupe model.

The car has also been upgraded from 2 doors to a ravishing four doors. The design is made subtle and very stylish. The power system of the car has also been upgraded so that it is a great experience to drive the model. You can drive it smoothly at 100 km/hour, without any feeling of vibrations in the engine.

Thus, BMW will see yet another success with this new model in its bag, keeping customers satisfied as always.

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