NYDN endorses Indian American politico”s challenge to incumbent NY Congresswoman

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New York, Sept.6 (ANI): Indian American Reshma Saujani, the Democratic primary challenger to Representative Carolyn Maloney in New York’s 14th District, has received a strong endorsement from the New York Daily News.

The paper, which has the biggest circulation in New York City, has criticized Maloney sharply and given Saujani, a former Hillary Clinton fundraiser a major boost during her uphill battle to wrest the 14th District.

Saujani is due to take on Maloney in her first and only (radio) debate on Tuesday.

The New York Daily News faults Congresswoman Maloney for not working harder to get President Obama to push for the 9/11 health bill:

“(Maloney) has essentially been a lockstep member of a congressional majority that joined with President Obama in pushing through legislation that has proven fiscally irresponsible.

Ill-designed, the $800 million stimulus program bought far too little economic bang for the buck, while health care reform fell a long way from controlling costs.

Then, too, it must be said that nine years have passed since 9/11, and the sick still await help. When George W. Bush was President, Maloney and fellow New York Dems criticized him for refusing to uphold the nation”s obligation to the ill. They promised that an Obama presidency would be different.

It wasn”t, but Maloney”s critical voice fell silent. Finally, last month, Obama volunteered that he would sign a 9/11 compensation and health bill – not that he would fight for one, and not at Maloney”s urging.

Instead, he acted in response to controversy he engendered by commenting on a planned mosque and Islamic community center near Ground Zero. So much for the value of Maloney”s seniority.” (ANI)

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