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Film: Orma Maathram

Director : Madhu Kaithapram

Music : Kaithapram Viswanathan

Starring : Dileep, Priyanka Nair

Film Rating – 1.5 / 5

National Award winning Director, Madhu Kaithapram is back with Dileep and Priyanka in Orma Mathram. The story is set against a domestic crisis which finally evolves and is depicted in a larger society. The film opens with a loss of a child, and how his parents learn enduring the pain of life. This film tries to tell a tale of how people met with loss adjust to reality.

The film is symbolic and deals with poignant social issues like abortion, guilt, inter religious wedding, child labor etc. The treatment of this film Orma Maathram reminds us of art films of earlier times. The film has all the required materials to participate in any award categories, but it lacks in creating any impact on the audience. All in all a perfectly packaged art film imbibe with all classic touches. But what it lacks is a story, a good story teller and a plot good enough to worth watching.

Ajayan ( Dileep) is a simple clerk, lives with his wife Safia (Priyanka) and son. Ajayan works hard to meet all needs of his family. Once they find out that Safia is expecting second time, they decide to get abortion. According to the parents, they believe that a second child might divide their love amidst the children. Later in the film Ajayan comes to know that he is suffering from a vision disorder which is not curable and could make him blind. To add fuel to the fire, and to make the story even sterner, the couple looses their only son. Now the script is torn between, the parents grief for lost son and their faith in religion.

The director now starts pouring in events and issues and confuses his audience. It is not clear which message he wants to convey in detail.

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