Renault Launches 2014 Fluence Facelift In Malaysia

Renault finally launched the all new Fluence Facelift which has been recently launched in Malaysia and the car has been offered new price tag that is good for the customers. The bard is already ready for sale in India and the model is also launched in Malaysia which is basically sedan class. The car has been featured with new specifications and innovative engine down the lobe that help sin giving new and improved feature with its body line. This all makes the car a model to reckon with and you can find it illustrious with new ranges of features.

The car has been featured with 2.0 liter and the car comes with diesel as well as petrol which comes with four cylinders and the engine generates with 195 newton meter with a torque level and the output power generated is around 143 horse power. The model is available in all new types of features such as X tronic CVt gear box. The mileage and carbon efficiency rate is also quiet good and advanced with this model which comes to around 7.7 liter per 100 kilometer. The model runs fast and the top speed of the engine has been found to around 190 kilometer power hour and the car switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour within 10 seconds.

The car has been priced to around 20,95,213 in Indian currency and the base price of the model has been around 13,99,000 INR. The features and new ranges of specialties that come with the model is quite advanced and improved which makes it good enough to opt for. There are accessories such as seat cover, MP3 music system and USB connection that comes along with the car and this all makes it advanced and good enough for usage.

Tips to increase car mileage

One common concern of drivers all around the world is fuel efficiency/ mileage. Regular car owners always look to  get the best efficiency out of their cars. What drives them is the simple fact that better good mileage means good savings. Though every vehicle comes with a standard mileage performance depending on its engine, it can be improved by following several driving techniques and car related practices. Especially in countries like India, mileage is a huge issue. Car makers often build models specifically for the Indian market with more efficiency than usual. if you are keen on saving a few bucks and cut down on your petrol station visits, you can consider the following tips.

  • Slow speed– cars deliver their best mileage when driven in 60 to 80 km per hour speed. Try to stick to this speed range as much as possible.. People often race their cars on the highway without knowing that going over this speed range reduces efficiency significantly. Frequent braking also affects fuel mileage
  • Smooth handling– while changing gears or giving throttle inputs try to as gentle as possible. Avoid pushing the accelerator with all your leg strength. Try slowing down well in advanced. If you keep your foot pinned with the pedal and then hit the brakes at the last moment, not only will it add wear and tear to your car components but will also reduce mileage.
  • Use the low gears– some drivers have this tendency of not downshifting at all. They even scale the road bumpers on a high gear. But it damages the car in the long run and also consumes extra fuel and affects the car’s mileage. Therefore don’t be shy in using the first gear.
  • Switch off at longer red lights- some traffic signals are longer than others and can stay red for few minutes instead of seconds. During such stops, turn off your car engine to stop unnecessary fuel consumption. But do not turn off if the time is less than 30 seconds.
  • Use the AC wisely- the use of car AC’s have increased because of the changing weathers. But your AC takes a lot of battery power and fuel. So unless it is absolutely necessary, try avoiding the use car AC.
  • Tire pressure- always maintain the proper tire pressure. Studies have proven that doing so can increase the mileage up to 3 percent.
  • Maintenance- if your car servicing is due, go for it today. A car that is not maintained properly will not give you good mileage. Regularly get your spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter checked.
  • Keep the car light- the heavier the car, the more fuel it uses. Therefore try to keep your car as light as possible. Don’t allow junk to accumulate and remove any unnecessary luggage.
  • Go for cold fuel- due to its properties, fuel gets denser when it is cold. Try to visit the petrol station early in the morning because if it is denser than normal you will get more fuel for the same volume. After filling your tank, carefully close the fuel cap so that no fuel is evaporated.
  • Cut down trips- avoid taking out your car for anything and everything. The fewer trips you take the more fuel you save.
  • Use the right fuel- there are various types of fuel available in the market. If you select a fuel that is not suited with your car’s engine, the mileage will decrease. It is better to use engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If your gearbox has a manual mode, use it more instead of automatic shift.
  • Do not waste time after starting your car by doing fastening seat belts; adjusting mirrors etc. Do these things before starting the engine.
  • If you have time in your hand, follow a large vehicle like bus or truck. You can drive more hassle free that way and use less fuel.


XOLO Opus Q1000 smart phone features and details

The details and technical specifications of all new XOLO Opus Q1000 smart phone is now out. The mobile is available in some of the online websites and you can book it from there. However before that you need to know the technical details about this new gadget. The mobile comes with a base price of 10,000 rupees. The smart phone has a five inch FWVGA IPS Display with 480×854 pixels resolution. The mobile is powered by 1.2 GHz Broadcom Quad Core Processor with Video Core IV graphics processor. The mobile sets will be released in the third week of December. You can however pre book the handset from some retailer websites.

Opus Q1000 comes with a 5 megapixel primary camera which has an autofocus attended by an LED flash light and also includes a 0.3 megapixel front faced camera. The smart phone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, and it is a dual sim operated smart phone. The Xolo Opus Q1000 comes with 4GB inbuilt memory and is expandable up to 32 GB, with the help of microSD card. It has a 2000mAh battery which can give up to 18 hours of talk time and last up to 700 hours, standby time. The model is designed slim and with 312 MHz graphics which enables you to play fast games and is furious and responsive.

The Xolo Opus Q1000 dimensions are 143.3 x 72.9 x 8.95 mm. the smart phone comes with Wi-Fi and 3G support and you can browse the internet super fast and stream videos online fast enough. Additional features on the phone include – Android Video Player and USB OTG Support. Apart from that the mobile comes with a one year manufacturer warranty and six months for other accessories. So get ready to get this new smart phone.

2014 Tata vista D90 details and features

Here comes the all new excellence from the brand Tata, named Tata vista D90. It is a driver’s delight and meets are the driver’s need that prefers and love driving powerful engines with sporty looks.

The model also features all latest gadgets and modernized with advanced facilities. The model is designed with power engine and superb looks. The peak torque delivered by the engine is 200 Nm and is among the few price segments. The engine is a specially designed one and has five speeded manual transmission with advanced and developed Euro-tech two gear boxes. It can shift from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 15.5 seconds and recorded with a top speed of 158.8 kilometers per hour. The numbers are satisfying but may not be impressive but once you come to know about the price tag you will realize that such features are impressive enough.

The model comes with a special and discounted price of only 6 lakhs and isn’t it provides with so much specialties and technical high. It is really impressive and surely creates a sense of urgency among the customers. The model also features many of the high tech and advanced features. It includes an LCD and fully touch screen which can be used for all type of videos and music’s. It is also built with a global positional system and helps you with finding out the exact location.

The model has a DVD equipped with different multimedia and information systems. It includes a special technology named Blue5 which enables up to five phones and can be paired with their audio system with a single Bluetooth. There has a fully automatic climate control features and with three different settings, normal, automatic and the economy mode. There has a fully enabled driver information system which provides with fuel mileage, and distance information’s. The interiors are all designer made and comes in ebony black and Sahara beige themes. The steering is covered with leather type covering and features all the controls. It has been customized with two way adjustable wheels.

The model also features a six way adjustable driving seat with support. There are many facilities like power charging ports, all four door power windows. Charging ports enabled both front and at back. There has follow me headlamps. The model has been featured with front as well as rear bumpers and they ensure the safety. There is a special arrangement of aerodynamic spoiler at the back. There is a triple barrel headlamp. The wheels are made up of alloy wheels and are strong enough.

The model is enabled with lower NHV and noise insulation package system. The safety features are also kept in mind while designing the model and they are added with features like dual airbags, crumple zones and side intrusion beams. They provide you with all safety. The engine is made of immobilizer and has a central locking system. You can entry the car with keyless features and are featured with specialties like anti braking system and EBD in all the variants.

It comes with a two year warranty and also up to a limit of seventy five thousand kilometers. The rice range is the most effective and eye catching one. The model comes in two variants and is priced as 5.99 lakhs and 6.83 lakhs. One model is Tata vista D90 VX and is the cheapest among the two whereas the other one is Tata vista D90 ZX+. The price speciality is sure to drawth customers to its end and gets a good response from the market. The models are available in five different colors.

Ashok Leyland Stile MPV details

Ashok Leyland is gearing up to launch the all new Stile which will the first small passenger carrier to mark the company’s logo in it. This is their first venture of family cars in India. The model will be available in three variants. Though the model is believed to have missed some of the safety features, but will be available in all the Ashok Leyland dealerships round the country. The prices of all the variants are within the range of 8. 30 lakh and 9.30 lakh. Ashok Leyland stile LS model which will be a seven seater with second row captain seats will price rupees 8.50 lakh. The Ashok Leyland stile LS model with seven seats and a second row captain seat along with alloy wheels will price 8.80 lakh. The Ashok Leyland LX 8 seater will cost 8.30 lakh. The Ashok Leyland LX model with 7 seats along with a second row captain seat will charge 9 lakh. Though the company is also planning to launch a CNG variant as well but the time frame is not yet finalized. The models will be available in five different colors, sparkling white, silky silver, moon grey, passion red and the imperial black.

The main features of the machine includes black colored bumpers, black ORVM covers, black door handles, 2 bottle or cup holders, foot rest for the driver, tinted glass, bench seats for second and third row passengers, PVC seats, 12v socket outlet. The Ashok Leyland LS version holds some extra features like the body colored bumpers, moulded interior trim, optional captain seats for the second row with adjustable features, PVC and fabric mixed seats, central locking system, power windows for front doors and 6 cup or bottle holders. Experts believe the model will be one of the best family cars and will give good competition to its competitor family cars. The interiors of the vehicle are spacious and very elegantly designed. It looks attractive from inside and will surely draw the attention of its customers.

The all new Ashok Leyland Stile is powered by 1.5 liter diesel unit producing 75 BHP and 185 Nm of torque. The engine is good and impressive according to the experts and will provide a mileage of around 19.5 kilometer per liter. The engine is featured by five speed manual transmission and the 55 liter tank helps the car to go up to 1000 kilometer on a single fill up. The suspension duties on the Ashok Leyland Stile are handled by McPherson struts both at the front and rear. You will be getting disk brakes at the front of the car and drum brakes at the rear. The steering is electronically adjusted and has an impressive turning radius of 5.2 meters. The model is perfect for both city ride as well as highway comfort. The LE variant of the model gets 14 inch steel wheels with 165 mm section tyres whereas the LS and LX variants comes with optional 15 inch alloy wheels, 185mm section tyres. The model misses out the anti lock braking system, electronic brake and brake assist features which is amongst the serious safety issues. The new model is launched just few days back and is expected to go in roads by early next year. Researchers believe the de tuned yet more efficient engine would have done world of goods to the vehicles promotion, but still the model has impressive looks and some stunning features which will surely catch the attention of customers. The Ashok Leyland Stile will be manufactured at Nissan’s assembly plant located in the outskirts of Chennai. Soon the CNG variant of the vehicle will also be launched.

Toyota Innova Facelift Launched In India , details and features

Toyota is in the market for quite a while now and is amongst the leading car brands and manufacturers. The sports utility vehicles developed by Toyota are instant hit and the same case holds for the Toyota Innova.

The Toyota Innova is considered as the best family cars in Indian states and the first choice for everyone. Following the trend the brand decided to modify some features and upgrade it to a new model and here comes the all new Toyota Innova FACELIFT. The manufacturers believe that the success of previous versions forced them to upgrade it and the expectations are high for this new version as well. The GX, VX and z versions of the model get all makeover and cosmetic upgrades both inside and out whereas the G and EV versions will look like the previous versions. The Toyota Innova gets an eye catching look from outside but there are no sheet metal changes from the previous models. The outside structure has a new front grille and it is longer than the previous one. The Z and VX models have the fogs lamps in it. Apart from all this there are no major changes in the outside appearance. The Innova model is already good one and any serious changes would have made it a blunder. The interiors are almost same compared to the previous models and that is a big setback. Moreover there are no drastic changes and you even can’t notice then unless someone is pointing you the changes. There is wooden frame in the front panel which is hardly noticeable and a dual toned seat which is a mixture of leather is included. Apart from all this the model has a rear wiper, rear defogger, ORVM covers which are matching to the body cover, tachometer, trip meter, front lamp, 12v power socket, driver seat is adjustable accordingly, air-conditioned, air-conditioned vents, the steering is four stroke with tilt adjustments, power enabled windows, parking sensors, driver side airbags. The VX version of the Toyota Innova has some features like the front fog lamps, body colored OVRM cover which have an integrated indicators, grille in the front, side moulding, rear door with reflectors, multi information panel in the front, leather covered shift knob, steering cover which is also leather, brown wooden frame at the front, seats which are more comfortable, automatically adjustable air condition, music system with a touch screen LCD display, DVD, Bluetooth, USB, a package of six speakers with a woofer, backside camera which helps in parking, driver and front seat air bags. Apart from these other features are almost same. The Z version of the Toyota Innova has body graphics, rear spoiler, wooden and leather combined gear knob, dark brown colored wooden frame at the front, parking assistance, floor mats and mixed leather seats. The Toyota Innova has been a good choice for most of the family but still hardly there are some sweeping changes compared to their ten year old design. You have to wait for the next version for some eye catching changes but before that you need to say Toyota has missed a big opportunity. The Z version looks totally unnecessary because after paying 54ooo extra over the VX variant the features included in it do not justify the price. Though the Toyota Innova has been the most appealing family cars but still these new models hardly have any appeal.

The price range for Toyota Innova GX variant ranges in between 12.45 lakh to 12.5 lakh. The VX version price shifts between 14.53 lakh to 14.58 lakh whereas the Toyota Innova Z variant is priced 15.07 lakh.

Honda Brio exclusive edition in India – details and features

Honda brio has done a good business in India in the last two years. With their last launch the Honda brio has sold more than 54,000 units of the model and still counting. The festive season in India is coming the researchers believe the count is expected to go abruptly in the coming season. For that reason Honda has launched the Honda Brio exclusive edition in India eye this festive seasons and past success. The model was launched in 2011 in India and since then they have been getting good reviews and responses. The small hatch back model of the brand Honda along with the price has gone good in the market. Customers are happy with the model and the best part is the space management and the interiors. The new exclusive edition of Honda brio is expected to cost rupees 4.9 Lakh. In a recent interview the senior vice president marketing, Honda told that they are very excited with the new special edition and they are looking forward to the success. He believes the new sporty and young look of the car is the main aspect of it and customers will surely like it, Honda Brio exclusive edition.

  • Powered by 4-cylinder 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine
  • Available in 5-speed automatic or manual  transmission
  • Mileage : 16- 19.4 km /L

New Features added in Honda Brio exclusive edition

  • Rear parking sensors
  • White roof lining
  • Black and grey fabric seats
  • tailgate spoiler
  • Door visors
  • Illuminated side-step garnish

Colour Variants available in

  • Alabaster Silver
  • Rally Red
  • Taffeta White



Mahindra Thar features and specs

Good products do not need publicity for their sale and so is Mahindra Thar. Launched without any pomp and show the car managed to gather enough attention cause of the involvement of suggestion of customers in its design and for being a quality product. The demands of customers have been incorporated in the vehicle at no extra cost. Now let us take a look whether the car is worth investing 7.21 lacs or not, referring to the top variant CRDe 4X4 AC model.

Performance specs:

The engine being employed is of NEF TCI – CRDe type with a displacement of 2498cc. With this design the car can attain a maximum torque of 247 Nm@1800 RPM and maximum power of 105 bhp@3800 RPM. The suspensions consist of torsion and stabilizer bar. All this is sufficient to impart strength to the vehicle for an amazing performance off-road.


The car seems to be a beast and with its unique design will make the heads turn for sure. The legendary design of a broad exterior has been retained. And this really helps the car to gain an edge in the tough competition among SUVs from other brands. The wheels are very durable and won’t get wear off no matter how rocky the roads get. The front bumper has been extended along with a heavy bumper guard to crush the bushes and other obstacles in your way.


The air-con switches have been planted in the car on account of being inspired from Bolero VLX. Usage of screws to attach the soft-top, however earlier pins were used. The seats in the rear portion of the car have a declination in the positioning with respect to height. This has created more space for the head of the passengers.


Between the pillar A and B a cross bar has been introduced which adds on to the robustness of the vehicle. AC, heater and music system add onto the comfort of the passengers.

The front axle earlier had a locking hub which has been replaced by a fixed flange, which is more rigid and reliable.

The top is removable so never fail to remove it when the weather is pleasant. You just cannot resist riding in a Thar on a highway; you can feel the fun and frolic in the air! Go fly like a wind in your very own Thar.

Maruti Wagon R new Stingray model- features and details

Maruti WagonR Stingray was born when Maruti decided to jazz up the existing WagonR model and add a touch of dynamism to it. The Stingray is thus a sporty variant of the Maruti WagonR. It has several new features compared to the WagonR and will most likely be positioned in the luxury car price segment unlike its old counterpart, the WagonR. WagonR Stingray shall be placed as a more aggressive vehicle when pitted against its counterpart WagonR due to its powerful design. It will be targeting a premium segment in the market. The model that will hit Indian markets will have a revamped grille design, new projector headlights and a set of different alloy wheels. Much like any sporty car, the color schemes used in this car are different too. There are several color contrast designs in the interior of the car that gives it a distinctive look. The only disadvantage that is likely to worry the Indian customer is the evidently lesser ground clearance. It is expected that the ground clearance will be less as the car gets a completely new muscular front and additional side lines. Ground clearance is one of the important factors that decide whether the car will be a success in the Indian market. The Stingray’s ground clearance clearly doesn’t look that much crafted for the Indian roads at the moment.

The features of the Stingray which distinguish it from the old WagonR are ample. Starting with the exteriors, we have new projector headlamps, which are a standard across all the variants as of now. We also have what Maruti likes to call a reflector grille. It is basically a chrome-ish plastic grille, a low cost solution that gives a premium look. The lower grille has been expanded and integrated into the front bumper. The B-pillar of this new model has been blacked out completely. The car also has side skirts. If you are opting for the VXi or the VXi (O) variant, you will get alloy wheels. Else there is a full wheel cover on the LXi variant. Body coloured bumpers and body colored door handles are a standard across all variants too. We also get body coloured ORVMs on the VXi (O) and VXi variants. There is a spoiler at the rear. There is also chrome garnished til-lamps and chrome badging right above the number plate holder.

The dimensions of this car are as follows : L x W x H in mm : 3636 x 1475 x 1670. This is in contrast to the Maruti WagonR which had the following dimension : 3599 x 1495 x 1700 (in mm). The wheelbase remains the same, that is 2400 mm. The ground clearance also remains the same, that is 165 mm. The kerb weight too has not increased as compared to the WagonR.

The powertrain remains unchanged in this new model. The Maruti Stingray derives its power from the same old K10B, 998cc, 3 cylinder petrol motor that motivates the WagonR. The output power and resulting torque figures are the same too – 67 BHP at 6200 RPM and 90 Nm at 3500 RPM. This engine is joined to a 5 speed cable type manual transmission gearbox, same as that of the WagonR. The Maruti Stingray has an ARAI certified fuel-efficiency of 20.51 KMPL, again reminding us of the WagonR.

The Pricing has been done as follows. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray LXi has been priced at Rs. 4,09,999. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray VXi will come for Rs. 4,37,999. And finally, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray VXi (O) will set you back by Rs. 4,66,999.


Land Rover Freelander 2 S Business Edition in India Details

Land Rover Freelander 2 is by far the most economic Land Rover that is available in the Indian market. The 2S variant of the cheapest Land Rover is now even less expensive owing to a new low cost trim that has been attached to the vehicle. The new model has been named Freelander 2 S Business Edition. The nomenclature comes as a surprise as the car does not look or offer any corporate features.

With the introduction of this model, the Land Rover Freelander 2 will be available in three variants, that include the present ‘S’ trim alongside the SE and the HSE variants. This model replaces the SE variant as the cheapest Land Rover in the Indian market. The SE trim has a price tag of INR 39.19 lakhs. The HSE variant is available for INR 44.42 lakhs. The S Business Edition has been strategically priced at INR 37.11 lakhs. The lowering of cost has come at a price. It follows the philosophy of Audi as they too have cut down on costs with their ‘S’ version of the Q3 SUV by eliminating certain features. The features that have gone missing in the Freelander 2 S are the panoramic sunroof, meridian music system, reverse camera, electrically adjustable front seats and the premium exterior paint. Thankfully no safety features have been compromised. The usual safety features are present which include dynamic stability control, traction control, brake force distribution system, airbags, emergency brake assist, cornering brake control and roll stability control.
The engine power has been compromised. The new engine delivers a peak power output of 147 HP and 420 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox with CommandShift, which delivers the power to all the four wheels.

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