Mahindra Thar features and specs

Good products do not need publicity for their sale and so is Mahindra Thar. Launched without any pomp and show the car managed to gather enough attention cause of the involvement of suggestion of customers in its design and for being a quality product. The demands of customers have been incorporated in the vehicle at no extra cost. Now let us take a look whether the car is worth investing 7.21 lacs or not, referring to the top variant CRDe 4X4 AC model.

Performance specs:

The engine being employed is of NEF TCI – CRDe type with a displacement of 2498cc. With this design the car can attain a maximum torque of 247 Nm@1800 RPM and maximum power of 105 bhp@3800 RPM. The suspensions consist of torsion and stabilizer bar. All this is sufficient to impart strength to the vehicle for an amazing performance off-road.


The car seems to be a beast and with its unique design will make the heads turn for sure. The legendary design of a broad exterior has been retained. And this really helps the car to gain an edge in the tough competition among SUVs from other brands. The wheels are very durable and won’t get wear off no matter how rocky the roads get. The front bumper has been extended along with a heavy bumper guard to crush the bushes and other obstacles in your way.


The air-con switches have been planted in the car on account of being inspired from Bolero VLX. Usage of screws to attach the soft-top, however earlier pins were used. The seats in the rear portion of the car have a declination in the positioning with respect to height. This has created more space for the head of the passengers.


Between the pillar A and B a cross bar has been introduced which adds on to the robustness of the vehicle. AC, heater and music system add onto the comfort of the passengers.

The front axle earlier had a locking hub which has been replaced by a fixed flange, which is more rigid and reliable.

The top is removable so never fail to remove it when the weather is pleasant. You just cannot resist riding in a Thar on a highway; you can feel the fun and frolic in the air! Go fly like a wind in your very own Thar.

Maruti Wagon R new Stingray model- features and details

Maruti WagonR Stingray was born when Maruti decided to jazz up the existing WagonR model and add a touch of dynamism to it. The Stingray is thus a sporty variant of the Maruti WagonR. It has several new features compared to the WagonR and will most likely be positioned in the luxury car price segment unlike its old counterpart, the WagonR. WagonR Stingray shall be placed as a more aggressive vehicle when pitted against its counterpart WagonR due to its powerful design. It will be targeting a premium segment in the market. The model that will hit Indian markets will have a revamped grille design, new projector headlights and a set of different alloy wheels. Much like any sporty car, the color schemes used in this car are different too. There are several color contrast designs in the interior of the car that gives it a distinctive look. The only disadvantage that is likely to worry the Indian customer is the evidently lesser ground clearance. It is expected that the ground clearance will be less as the car gets a completely new muscular front and additional side lines. Ground clearance is one of the important factors that decide whether the car will be a success in the Indian market. The Stingray’s ground clearance clearly doesn’t look that much crafted for the Indian roads at the moment.

The features of the Stingray which distinguish it from the old WagonR are ample. Starting with the exteriors, we have new projector headlamps, which are a standard across all the variants as of now. We also have what Maruti likes to call a reflector grille. It is basically a chrome-ish plastic grille, a low cost solution that gives a premium look. The lower grille has been expanded and integrated into the front bumper. The B-pillar of this new model has been blacked out completely. The car also has side skirts. If you are opting for the VXi or the VXi (O) variant, you will get alloy wheels. Else there is a full wheel cover on the LXi variant. Body coloured bumpers and body colored door handles are a standard across all variants too. We also get body coloured ORVMs on the VXi (O) and VXi variants. There is a spoiler at the rear. There is also chrome garnished til-lamps and chrome badging right above the number plate holder.

The dimensions of this car are as follows : L x W x H in mm : 3636 x 1475 x 1670. This is in contrast to the Maruti WagonR which had the following dimension : 3599 x 1495 x 1700 (in mm). The wheelbase remains the same, that is 2400 mm. The ground clearance also remains the same, that is 165 mm. The kerb weight too has not increased as compared to the WagonR.

The powertrain remains unchanged in this new model. The Maruti Stingray derives its power from the same old K10B, 998cc, 3 cylinder petrol motor that motivates the WagonR. The output power and resulting torque figures are the same too – 67 BHP at 6200 RPM and 90 Nm at 3500 RPM. This engine is joined to a 5 speed cable type manual transmission gearbox, same as that of the WagonR. The Maruti Stingray has an ARAI certified fuel-efficiency of 20.51 KMPL, again reminding us of the WagonR.

The Pricing has been done as follows. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray LXi has been priced at Rs. 4,09,999. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray VXi will come for Rs. 4,37,999. And finally, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray VXi (O) will set you back by Rs. 4,66,999.


Land Rover Freelander 2 S Business Edition in India Details

Land Rover Freelander 2 is by far the most economic Land Rover that is available in the Indian market. The 2S variant of the cheapest Land Rover is now even less expensive owing to a new low cost trim that has been attached to the vehicle. The new model has been named Freelander 2 S Business Edition. The nomenclature comes as a surprise as the car does not look or offer any corporate features.

With the introduction of this model, the Land Rover Freelander 2 will be available in three variants, that include the present ‘S’ trim alongside the SE and the HSE variants. This model replaces the SE variant as the cheapest Land Rover in the Indian market. The SE trim has a price tag of INR 39.19 lakhs. The HSE variant is available for INR 44.42 lakhs. The S Business Edition has been strategically priced at INR 37.11 lakhs. The lowering of cost has come at a price. It follows the philosophy of Audi as they too have cut down on costs with their ‘S’ version of the Q3 SUV by eliminating certain features. The features that have gone missing in the Freelander 2 S are the panoramic sunroof, meridian music system, reverse camera, electrically adjustable front seats and the premium exterior paint. Thankfully no safety features have been compromised. The usual safety features are present which include dynamic stability control, traction control, brake force distribution system, airbags, emergency brake assist, cornering brake control and roll stability control.
The engine power has been compromised. The new engine delivers a peak power output of 147 HP and 420 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox with CommandShift, which delivers the power to all the four wheels.

Rolls-Royce Wraith in India at Rs 4.6 crore

Rolls Royce has announced the launch of the Rolls Royce Wraith in India officially. The car has been priced at Rs 4.6 crore (ex showroom, Delhi). Much like the other Rolls Royce cars, the Wraith is one that blends luxury, power and legacy under one roof. This model uses a nearly 80 year old heritage nameplate. The Wraith has positioned itself as the brand’s sportiest car in the ultra luxury segment of the market. The new Wraith is motivated by a 6.6 litre twin turbo V12 engine that generates a massive 625 PS of power and 800 Nm of torque. It is mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission gearbox. The state-of-the-art gearbox has an inbuilt GPS and adjusts gears based on the traffic and road conditions ahead of the car. The coupe can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.6 seconds. The car weighs almost 2.4 tonnes and this feat is no ordinary one. This car borrows the interior design from the other models. It has bespoke leather interiors. They can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

The doors are frameless and come with buttons to ease the process of closing the door. The occupants don’t have to move to shut a door. The Wraith uses the same chassis as the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Nasal blockage causes and treatment

Nasal blockage is one of the most irksome things that could happen to any of us. Resulting mainly from a bad cold or an allergy or sinus, nasal blockage leads to inflammation of the nasal passage. The body takes its own measure to deal with the problem. It secretes an extra dose of mucus to keep the nasal passage smooth so that the irritant can flow out of the system. Many believe that allowing dry air in the nose might cause relief or eliminate the problem but that is not true. The cure to nasal blockage lies before our own eyes at our very homes. One of the easiest remedies available at home is hot tea. If you can brew a cup of green, peppermint or ginger tea, you can be assured of relief. Try to consume as much of hot fluids as possible. This aids in the relief from a nose blockage. Another way of instant relief is inhaling steam. The process is as follows : Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of steaming hot water, sit with your head over it and a blanket around you to concentrate the effect of the steam and inhale the hot air. If hot steam fails, you can go in for a steam bath or a hot shower. It serves to provide relief by getting rid of the blockage. This might seem unconventional but spicy food can be a remedy to nose blockage. Loads of chilli powder makes our nose run and that helps in combating blockage. Yet another remedy will be that of mixing salt with warm water and directing it into your nasal passage with the help of a shot glass. The last remedy is onions. Sniff them or consume them, they provide instant relief.

How to prevent allergies naturally?

When your body reacts adversely to any new factor, it is defined as an allergy. In the past twenty years, there has been marked increase in the incidence of allergies. The reasons may be many and varied. Change in climate and increasing pollution along with the contamination of food and water resources are major causes.

An allergic reaction may take different forms. You can come out in rashes or start itching badly. You can start sneezing and your nose begins to run. You can even develop a digestive problem as an allergic reaction. Instead of taking anti histamines for every allergy, here are a few suggested ways in which you can prevent allergies by using natural methods:

1.       Vitamin C is the natural anti allergic. If you are prone to allergies, include the kiwi fruit in your diet. This is rich in antihistamines like vitamin C. allergies often have a seasonal trend. If you notice such a trend in you, ask your doctor and take vitamin C supplements during the allergy season.

2.      Wear clean clothes. Clothes often carry allergens with them. So, they should be changed and cleaned regularly.

3.      Keep your windows closed in order to prevent allergies. This is especially helpful if you are allergic to pollen or other airborne irritants. Just keep them out and enjoy a life free of allergies.

4.      Switch to white meat like chicken. They cause less allergies and are overall healthier than red meat.

5.      If you suffer from dust allergies, keep the furnishing, carpets, rugs and draperies clean at all times.

6.      If you are allergy prone, add fish oil supplements to your diet as they are natural anti allergic. Oregano oil and lime juice are other natural anti allergic which are very popular.

7.      Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and good cleaning habits to say goodbye to allergies.

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 BS4 Hatch back details and features

The Chevrolet Spark has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs 329000. It is all set to compete with the entry level hatchbacks like Hyundai i10 and Maruti Alto 800. The engine is a four cylinder one that is capable of generating a maximum power of 63 bhp. The maximum torque that the engine is capable of generating is 90.3 Nm. It has an ARAI certified fuel economy of 18 kilometers per liter of petrol. The car has a McPherson Strut with Anti roll bars front suspension and a Torsion Beam Axle rear suspension system. The car comes in six colors. They are caviar black, linen beige, misty lake, sanddrift grey, summit white and velvet red. The exteriors look compact and sporty. The car has body colored bumpers but no body colored ORVMs. The door handles are also not body colored. There are no alloy wheels.

The interior features are not many as expected from the price tag. However the car gets cup holders that make it look sophisticated. The rear seats are foldable. There is no in built audio system. The car has an AC with a heater facility for those wintry days. The car also has cabin lights. There is no option for central locking. There is no sun roof. Cruise control has not been added to the feature list either. There is an inbuilt tachometer. Other notable features in this low budget car are collapsible steering wheel and child safety locks. Should anything go haywire, a warning system sounds an alarm. Other safety features which are missing are Anti Lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Front and rear fog lights, traction control and a rear defogger. There is no rear wiper either. Keyless entry is also not an option in this car. Overall it is a budget car with minimum features.

What are the top iron rich foods to help prevent anemia and to increase amount of haemoglobin?

Iron is one of the essential nutrients required by the body. If the iron intake in your diet is inadequate, it may lead to iron deficiency anemia. The common symptoms of anemia include tiredness, headaches and loss of hair. Low hemoglobin is the indicator of iron deficiency in the body.

In order to avoid iron deficiency, you must make saure to include plenty of iron rich foods in your diet. Women aged between 19 and 50 should take 18mg of iron every day while the corresponding figure for men aged above 19 years is 8mg. Here is a list of iron rich foods:

1.       For the non vegetarians, liver is a powerhouse of iron. Beef liver is best as it contains more iron and less calories while 100g of chicken liver contains 9g of iron.

2.      Oily fishes like sea fishes like sardines, trale, mackerel, Indian salmon etc are rich sources of both iron and omega 3 fatty acids.

3.      Red meat, especially beef is an acknowledged source of iron. In order to enjoy the best benefits, be sure to discard the fatty portion of beef. Ground beef without fat is best for iron. 85g of ground beef contains 2.1mg of iron.

4.      100g of chicken breast provides 0.7mg of iron.

5.      The various benefits of brown rice is now widely acknowledged. In addition to a number of other nutrients, it also contains iron.

6.      Pumpkin seeds are very rich source of iron as well as omega 3 fatty acid. 100g of these seeds contain 15mg of iron.

7.      80 percent dark chocolate has a high iron content – 17mg in 100g.

8.      Lentils are good sources of iron as well as magnesium, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber.

9.      Dried fruits like apricots and raisins also provide iron.

Apart from these, other rich sources of iron are potatoes, spinach, oysters, tofu, prunes, broccoli, strawberries and whole grains.

What is ADHD ? Symptoms of ADHD in adults

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a type of behavioral disorder where people cannot concentrate on any one thing leading to inattention and restlessness. It is often detected in children because parents generally carefully monitor their children. Even if ADHD is cured in childhood, it may leave traces in adulthood; but in many cases, it is not diagnosed in childhood at all. In such cases, it can be very disruptive.

Dealing with adult ADHD is difficult. Adults are often not monitored as closely while even if you do detect the symptoms, you will find it very difficult to convince the person that he has ADHD.

Here are some of the symptoms that you can watch out for:

1.       A person with ADHD has poor listening skills. So, if you find someone who does not wait for other people to stop speaking but rather cuts through them, that person is likely to have ADHD.

2.      Adults with ADHD are impatient with traffic rules and are responsible for rash driving. This leads to accidents.

3.      A person with ADHD gets easily distracted by common noises like a doorbell, traffic noises etc.

4.      Poor organizational skills are the hallmark of ADHD. A cluttered home or a messy appointment diary is common for a person with ADHD.

5.      People with ADHD are chronically late. They cannot pay attention to details like time and unpunctuality becomes their eventual habit.

6.      People with ADHD are always restless. They simply cannot relax. Even when they sit down to relax, they are either tapping their feet or drumming their fingers or scribbling on paper.

7.      People with ADHD cannot begin new tasks

8.      They feel misunderstood and end up with bursts of anger.

9.      They are notoriously impatient.

10.   They cannot stick to commitments.

11.    Since they are highly disorganized, they keep losing things.

Causes of split ends on straightened hair

Split ends is a common hair problem faced by thousands of women. When the cuticles towards the end of the hair shaft are completely destroyed, it leads to damages at the very tip of the hair. Lack of moisture and proper nourishment are the major causes of split ends. Though they may be seen on any kind of hair, the incidence of split ends are somewhat higher on hair that has been straightened.

The causes for split ends are as follows:

  • Washing your hair daily may not be such a good idea. Strong shampoos can actually harm the hair if used too frequently.
  • Common wisdom says brushing your hair hundred times a day can make it shine. Actually, there is no evidence that this is so. Instead, roughly brushing your hair to get out the tangles – especially on wet hair – is one of the most common causes of split ends on straightened hair.
  • With so many hair colors in the market, it becomes difficult not to experiment with hair. But overuse of chemicals like colors of hair perms can cause severe damage to the hair including split ends. Chemicals with alcohol are especially harmful.
  • Applying heat tools like hair dryers regularly to your hair makes them dry and brittle. If you need to use the dryer frequently, you should apply a serum on your hair beforehand. This helps the hair to retain some moisture.
  • Certain hair accessories like rubber bands end up hurting your hair. Similarly, tying your hair too tightly can cause friction and stress.
  • Vigorous rubbing of wet hair can also cause problems,
  • Strong sun and dust can badly damage your hair. Use a hat or a scarf for better protection.
  • A few simple precautions can help you maintain healthy hair and avoid split ends.
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