Volvo V40 Cross Country car in India, details and features

The Volvo V40 Cross Country D3 has been launched in India at a price tag of Rs 28.5 lakhs. The car can comfortably accommodate 5 adults. The power is derived from an In Line 5 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine that is capable of producing a maximum power of 150 bhp and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. The car is capable of attaining a top speed of 250 kmph. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters. The car is offered in 6 different shades namely Biarritz Blue Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, Electric Silver Metallic, Raw Copper Metallic, Misty Blue and Passion Red.
The exteriors are dashing and rugged. The car exhibits body colored bumpers, door handles and ORVM. To add elegance to the design, 16 inch alloy wheels have been used. A roof spoiler has also been added.

Safety and security has been given utmost importance in this car. There are both front and rear fog lights. A rear defogger is also present. An engine immobilizer has been used. The car has excellent traction control system. Standard safety features like ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) along with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) is included in the car. Apart from the front wiper and washer, there are similar arrangements for the rear window too. There are child safety locks. Keyless entry is possible in the car. The instrument cluster displays warning signs for potential emptying of the fuel tank and other untoward situations. There is no collapsible steering. A tachometer is also missing in the car.

Other features that deserve a mention are cup holders, cruise control, foldable rear seats, air conditioning with an option of a heater, cabin lights, sun roof and a state of the art music system.

How to take proper care of your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses ?

The eyes are probably the most important part of your body. They are also somewhat delicate and need good care. Millions of people around the world use eye makeup. Many use colored contact lenses as fashion accessories while others wear the lenses because of some sight problem. But, whatever may be the reason that you wear contact lenses, proper care is absolutely vital. Wearing contact lenses without following the basic care and safety guidelines can be quite harmful for your eyes. It can lead to infections or other complications.

Here are a few eye care tips to help you keep your eyes healthy when you wear contact lenses:

1.       If you have to wear spectacles for medical reasons, then you may switch to contact lenses. They definitely help you look your best. However, just like when you wear spectacles, you will have to get regular eye checkups and visits to the doctor. In fact, you should consult a doctor about the type of lens that you can wear.

2.      Remove your contact lenses while taking a bath and especially during swimming. Contact with water can lead to bacterial and fungal infection in the eye.

3.      Keep your hands clean at all times and especially before you touch your eyes or handle the contact lenses. Uses non cosmetic soaps to wash your hands. Dirty hands carry germs to the eyes.

4.      Follow guidelines to clean your contact lenses. You should not use tap water directly on them or put them in your mouth to clean them as microorganisms can infect the lens.

5.      Be careful while applying eye makeup after wearing your contact lenses. No makeup should get on the lens. Similarly, remove the lens before removing the makeup.

6.      Opt for spectacles during travelling in order to avoid dust allergies.

7.      Stay away from fires and direct flame during your outdoor barbecue as they harm your eyes and may even lead to blindness.

Why should you marry your best friend?

You may sometimes hear that friendship and a romantic interest cannot go hand in hand. However, discovering the romantic side of a person whom you know and actually like can be just as exciting an adventure as the greatest romances. It is like discovering a new and wonderful meaning out of a favorite old book.

There are several benefits of marrying your best friend. The greatest one is probably the fact that you will be married to a person whom you not only love, but actually like, because the two does not always go hand in hand. This is a person with whom you can share everything. You have shown your best and your worst side to your best friend. He knows you when you have been angry and sad. He probably has seen you display those emotions that you had rather nobody witnessed. You too have seen your best friend at his best and his worst. The result is that, there is no need for pretences. Because when you love another person, you tend to put on your best face and your best behavior, even though you may be feeling something else entirely. With your best friend, there is no need to pretend. This makes for a level of honesty and openness in your relationship that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

When you marry someone whom you have known perhaps for a few months, it takes time to find the comfort zone. In addition to the heady feeling of excitement, there is also a tinge of wariness because, after all, the person is an unknown quantity for you. When your best friend becomes your life partner, there is no apprehension or discomfort. There is only a deep feeling of security and a sense of completeness to help you embark on your romantic adventure.

Nissan Serena MPV in India details

The small Nissan Serena introduced first in 1991 has undergone considerable transformation and the current generation, unveiled in 2010 is a much larger van. Targeted at large families, the Nissan Serena is comfortable to ride and excellent to handle. its best in-class performance has helped to make it the most popular MPV in Japan. The latest model, priced between Rs. 9 lakhs to 11 lakhs is expected to hot the Indian market by the middle of 2013.

The new generation of this car is powered by QR20DE 2.0l engine with a displacement of 1998 cc. This engine is supported by continuously variable valve timing control and direct ignition system. these technologies have helped to significantly reduce fuel consumption as well as the carbon footprint of the car. The engine delivers a maximum power of 146 hp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 198 Nm at 4000 rpm. This engine is mated with 4 speed electronic automatic transmission with E-flow torque. The Xtronic CVT has helped to reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

The smooth flowing lines of the body of the Nissan Serena distinguish it from the external design of other typical minivans. The large triangular windows of the car grab the attention. The car has dual sliding doors so that ingress and egress is convenient. The body colored front grille and the halogen headlights emphasizes the sporty look of the car.

The interior of the car is huge with a total space of 42 square feet. The supple leather seats are stylish as well as comfortable. The foldable centre table adds to the convenience. Lift up function and walk through layout are other highlights of the interior design of this latest offering by Nissan. Finally, as the target market is large families with children and old people, the car has been fitted with ample safety precautions including ABS with EBS, brake assist, fog lamps, dual SRS airbags and seatbelts.

Nissan Qashqai SUV in India – details

The Nissan Qashqai is a crossover SUV which is expected to reach the Indian market in 2013. The latest version named Qashqai +2 will be priced around Rs. 20 to 22 lakhs. The models will be assembled at the Chennai unit of Nissan.

This car is powered by two variants of petrol and two variants of diesel engine. The specs of these four types of engines are as follows:

  • The entry level petrol engine is a 1.6l engine, producing a maximum power of 113.42 hp and a torque of 156 Nm.
  • The other petrol variant includes a 2.0l 16V engine, delivering a maximum power of 138 hp and develops the huge torque of 196 Nm.
  • The entry level diesel variant consists of a 1.5l diesel engine producing a power of 104.55 hp and developing a maximum torque of 240 Nm.
  • Finally, you can also get the car with 8 valve 1.5l dCi engine which delivers a maximum power of 147.95 hp and a maximum torque of 320 Nm.

The above engines are mated with five or six speed manual transmission or six speed automatic transmission.

The latest engines and transmissions have vastly reduced the engine noise, increased the fuel efficiency and reduced the carbon footprint of the Nissan Qashqai.

The huge car is 4315 mm long, 1780 mm wide and 1615 mm high with a wheelbase of 2630 mm. the +2 version will be even longer at 4535 mm. elaborate style and impressive radiator grille grabs the attention while the interior is made spacious and comfortable with the pearl grey leather trims and upholstery. The second and third row seats are foldable to make space for luggage. The roof rail comes with chrome touches. In addition, the car includes all the standard accessories and safety features of this segment.

2014 Fiat Palio details and features

The latest hatchback car released by Fiat is the all new Fiat Palio 2014. Priced strategically, it aims to appeal to the potential customers with a rich set of features and great looks. The power for this vehicle comes from the 1108cc, 4 cylinder engine that is capable of generating a maximum power of 75 Bhp at 4000 rpm. The maximum torque generated by this car is 190 Nm at 1750 rpm. The engine is mated to a five speed manual transmission gearbox. The engine runs on petrol and no diesel variant has been announced as of yet. The dimensions of the car are admirable too. It has a length of 4030 mm, a width of 1687 mm and a height of 1490 mm. It can comfortably accommodate five people. The car is roomy and spacious and offers a great deal of leg space. It comes with a power steering. The ground clearance of this car is good. The looks are great too. It has body colored bumpers. The elegance is accentuated by alloy wheels. Lack of ORVM indicators or Xenon headlamps was a disappointment but one cannot expect everything at this price. Active as well as passive safety features have been given due importance. There are two airbags for insulation in the event of accidents. The car has fog lamps for better visibility. Anti Lock Braking System with EBD adds to the safety mechanisms. There are no parking sensors available though. Traction control systems have not been included either. The interiors are comfortable but there is no climate control feature. Central locking with power windows have been provided. Rear wiper and rear defogger further enhance visibility. The absence of leather seats is again a huge disappointment. There is an in built mp3 player for entertainment purposes. Overall this car is good value for money at this price range.

Bajaj RE60 cheapest car with 35km mileage

Bajaj, the Indian automobile company has always focused on two and three wheelers. With their latest offering, the all new Bajaj RE 60, they have decided to enter the four wheeler segment. And they intend to take on the dominance of the Tata Nano, which markets itself to be the cheapest car in India. Bajaj had tied up with Nissan and Renault with the sole motive of producing a car that will not only go easy on the pocket of the people (the price that was promised was a meager 2500$) but also a car that will leave very low carbon footprints. Keeping that in mind, the Aurangabad plant started churning out the RE 60s. On January 3, 2012, Bajaj unveiled what they had dreamt. The RE 60 claimed to have a mileage of 35 kilometers per liter. The carbon dioxide emissions were as low as 100 grams per kilometer. The mileage was almost double the one offered by any small car in the country. A subtle observation was made in the form of a fare meter being attached to the dashboard of the RE 60. Perhaps, Bajaj is targeting auto drivers in the country by presenting before them a viable option. The RE 60 still maintains a fuel efficiency comparable to the autos that ply on Indian roads. The incentives it offers are additional safety of the passengers and more comfort to travel in. Bajaj Auto intends to roll out at least 5000 units of the car per month from their Aurangabad plant. The car will attain a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. It will weigh only 400 kilograms and will have a turning radius of 11 feet only. It will come with a 200 cc engine that will generate a power of 15 kW or 20 HP.

Tata Indigo eCS sedan details

Tata Indigo eCS, the sedan from the house of Tata has been a failure to say the least. It could never capture the market and has been elbowed out of competition by the Maruti Swift DZire the Honda Amaze consistently. This gave the Tatas reason enough to consider a facelift and introduce features that would help get the customer flow coming back to them. The 2013 Tata Indigo eCS is just that. And more as it includes several other changes too.

The car gets a more mean machine look thanks to the revamped black headlights. A chrome finishing has been introduced in the rear to add to the elegance of the car. The new Indigo eCS comes with 14 inch alloy wheels too. As we step inside the car, we notice the more visible changes. Earlier the comsole had a faux wooden finish. Now it has a silver coloured plastic finish. The dashboard has been done in ebony black. The steering wheel was a disappointment as it did not have steering mounted controls, a norm these days. The instrument cluster has been revamped, the music system has been changed, beige fabric seats have been used to make the car look sophisticated and the rear center armrest increases the sophistication further. Sound proofing has been added to the car.

That does not seem like a lot of change. That is because the other changes are not to be seen but to be felt. This includes a new 5 speed manual F Shift transmission which promises to make transitions between gears smoother. The revamped gearbox also promises to cut down on maintenance costs as it does away with ‘mechanical linkages’. The car gets a Duo Float suspension system which ensures a more comfortable ride. No changes have been made to the engine of the car.

Renault Sandero in India details

Renault is looking forward to the expansion of their market capitalization in India with a new offering in the B + segment of cars. Keeping in mind the buyer sentiment, Renault has strategically priced its Sandero around Rs. 5 lakhs. It will be pitted against the likes of Maruti Swift, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra, Hyundai i20 and the Honda Brio. Renault will keep the design in tune with its previous offering – Logan. What sets them apart in the crowd is the spaciousness of the interiors. The Sandero too is a wide car offering ample leg space and confortable seating. In addition to that, it provides a tank capacity of 320 liters, an uncommon feature for a car in this segment.

The Renault Sandero model will be available in both diesel and petrol versions. The diesel engine will be a 1.5L, 1461 cc, 4-cylinder (8 Valve) engine that can generate a peak power of 75 bhp at 5500 rpm. The maximum torque delivered will be 160 Nm at 3000 rpm. On the contrary, the petrol variant of the car will be sporting a 1.2L, 3-cylinder engine that will generate a peak power of 75 bhp. Both the engines will be connected to a five speed manual transmission gearbox.

Based on Renault’s B0 platform the car is a unique mix of strength and agility. The interiors are cozy thanks to the unmatched dimensions of the car. It packs in a user friendly console mated with smart handles and attractive trim strips. Safety has been given supreme importance with a wide range of active and passive safety features embedded in the car like high elastic limit (HEL) steel to guarantee enhanced resistance of the body, honeycomb styled polypropylene dashboard for reducing knee injury and a state of the art Bosch 8.0 Anti Braking System.

Mitsubishi Colt details

Mitsubishi Colt entered the Indian market in 2011 to compete in the hatchback segment. The Colt was priced in the range of Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh and took on cars like the Hyundai I20, Skoda Fabia and Honda Jazz. It was available in both the petrol and diesel variants. The engine of the car is a 1.5 litre four cylinder engine that generates a power of 70PS and a torque of 210NM at 1800 rpm when mated to the 5 speed Manual transmission gearbox. With this car, Mitsubishi has eyed the ever growing hatchback segment in addition to the other segments where they already have cars in. McPherson Struts and Torsion Bar suspension system add to the value of the car. The overall length, width and height of the car are 3900 mm, 1680mm & 1550mm, respectively. The Colt will be delivering a high mileage of 15 kmpl to 19 kmpl. That itself will push it to the forefront as the Indian customer understands mileage more than anything else. Safety has been given a boost in this model too. Power windows, power steering and traction control system add to the safety of the car.

Mitsubishi has already turned heads all over the world with their designing principles. The Colt was no exception and it looks excellent on the exterior. Mitsubishi has tried in every way to appeal to the Indian customer. Besides the mileage, other features which will attract the customers are a well shaped bumper and bonnet, auto adjustable seats and an auto adjustable steering wheel to suit the convenience of the driver. The Colt does not compromise on safety and comes with a range of advanced safety features which include ABS (anti lock breaking system) with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), multiple airbags and traction control system.

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